Micro-Cultivators are licensed to engage in the cultivation, growing and propagation of the cannabis plant at an establishment that is between 2,000 square feet and 10,000 square feet of grow space, prior to any expansion authorized by the Department of Consumer Protection commissioner. Once licensed, the micro-cultivator may expand up to 25,000 square feet or convert to a cultivator if they expand to more than 25,000 square feet of grow space.

From the law:

Sec. 49. (NEW) (Effective July 1, 2021) (a) On and after July 1, 2021, the department may issue or renew a license for a person to be a micro-cultivator. No person may act as a micro-cultivator or represent that such person is a licensed micro-cultivator unless such person has obtained a license from the department pursuant to this section.

(b) A micro-cultivator is authorized to cultivate, grow, propagate, manufacture and package the cannabis plant at an establishment containing not less than two thousand square feet and not more than ten thousand square feet of grow space, prior to any expansion authorized by the commissioner, provided such micro-cultivator complies with the provisions of any regulations adopted under section 37 of this act concerning grow space. A micro-cultivator business shall meet physical security controls set forth and required by the commissioner.

(c) A micro-cultivator may apply for expansion of its grow space, in increments of five thousand square feet, on an annual basis, from the date of initial licensure, if such licensee is not subject to any pending or final administrative actions or judicial findings. If there are any pending or final administrative actions or judicial findings against the licensee, the department shall conduct a suitability review to determine whether such expansion shall be granted, which determination shall be final and appealable only to the Superior Court. The micro-cultivator may apply for an expansion of its business annually upon renewal of its credential until such licensee reaches a maximum of twenty-five thousand square feet of grow space. If a micro-cultivator desires to expand beyond twenty-five thousand square feet of grow space, the micro-cultivator licensee may apply for a cultivator license one year after its last expansion request. The micro-cultivator licensee shall not be required to apply through the lottery application process to convert its license to a cultivator license. If a micro-cultivator maintains its license and meets all of the application and licensure requirements for a cultivator license, including payment of the cultivator license fee established under section 34 of this act, the micro-cultivator licensee shall be granted a cultivator license.

(d) A micro-cultivator may label, manufacture, package and perform extractions on any cannabis cultivated, grown and propagated at its licensed establishment provided it meets all licensure and application requirements for a food and beverage manufacturer, product manufacturer or product packager, as applicable.

(e) A micro-cultivator may sell, transfer or transport its cannabis to a dispensary facility, hybrid retailer, retailer, delivery service, food and beverage manufacturer, product manufacturer, research program, laboratory or product packager, provided the cannabis is cultivated, grown and propagated at the micro-cultivator's licensed establishment and transported utilizing the micro-cultivator's own employees or a transporter. A micro-cultivator shall not gift or transfer cannabis or cannabis products at no cost to a consumer as part of a commercial transaction.

(f) A micro-cultivator may sell its own cannabis to consumers, excluding qualifying patients and caregivers, either through a delivery service or utilizing its own employees, subject to the requirements of subsection (b) of section 21 of this act. Any micro-cultivator that engages in the delivery of cannabis shall maintain a secure location, in a manner approved by the commissioner, at the micro-cultivator's premises where cannabis that is unable to be delivered may be returned to the micro-cultivator. Such secure cannabis return location shall meet specifications set forth by the commissioner and published on the department's Internet web site or included in regulations adopted by the department. A micro-cultivator shall cease delivery of cannabis to consumers if it converts to being a cultivator.

The Department of Consumer Protection has created Policies and Procedures for retail licensees which can be found here.