Can I sell products with less THC than a high-THC hemp product?

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Both High-THC Hemp Products and Synthetic Cannabinoids are now classified as cannabis under State law and may only be sold by licensed cannabis establishments. If you do not hold a cannabis license issued by the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), it is illegal to sell or offer cannabis, including synthetic cannabinoids, and high-THC hemp products. The sale of high-THC hemp products and synthetic cannabinoids at unauthorized retailers is unlawful and action may be taken by law enforcement. 


It’s important for business owners to review the labels of all products containing THC to determine if any items are high-THC hemp products or if they contain synthetic cannabinoids. Please check with an attorney if you are unsure if it is lawful to sell a product. Retailers without a DCP cannabis license must remove all high-THC hemp products and products containing synthetic cannabinoids from their shelves and stop all sales of these products. 


Please contact the product manufacturer or distributor to determine how best to proceed with unsold products. 

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