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Connecticut Wants You to Have Broadband Internet

We know how important the Internet has become to living your best life. That's why our state is working to make sure everyone can access an affordable high-speed internet connection. We are here to help:

  • Students of all ages do their homework and stay connected with teachers and classmates
  • Businesses succeed locally, nationally, and globally
  • People live healthier lives by using telehealth to meet with their doctors and healthcare providers
  • Residents learn about and use the state and federal services they need 


Get A Discount 

Find out if you qualify for a federal discount on your internet bill.

No or Slow Internet? 

Tell us if you can’t get high-speed internet where you live.

Internet Speed 

Check your upload and download speeds.

Your Library Can Help 

Find a library near you for help getting online.

Learn Computer Skills 

Take a class at a school, library, or community center near you.

Build Your Online Skills 

These websites can help you get the most out of today’s internet.

Get a New Job 

Connect with online resources and in-person support to get the right job for you.


Learn how to meet online with your doctor or other health care provider.

For Students

Broadband for students

Get Connected

Many public school students can borrow a computer or a mobile hotspot from their school and get other help going online!