The Office of State Broadband is created by statute and is housed within the Connecticut Office of Consumer Counsel.  General Statutes § 16-2a(c) provides


There shall be established an Office of State Broadband within the Office of Consumer Counsel. The Office of State Broadband shall work to facilitate the availability of broadband access to every state citizen and to increase access to and the adoption of ultra-high-speed gigabit capable broadband networks. The Office of Consumer Counsel may work in collaboration with public and nonprofit entities and state agencies, and may provide advisory assistance to municipalities, local authorities and private corporations for the purpose of maximizing opportunities for the expansion of broadband access in the state and fostering innovative approaches to broadband in the state, including the procurement of grants for such purpose. The Office of State Broadband shall include a Broadband Policy Coordinator and such other staff as the Consumer Counsel deems necessary to perform the duties of the Office of State Broadband.


The Office of Consumer Counsel believes that, in the 21st century, access to Broadband is as essential to the State of Connecticut as are electricity, heat and clean water.  Accordingly, the OCC has engaged the Office of State Broadband to take steps needed to ensure that Broadband service at appropriate speeds are available to every Connecticut resident.  Although the charges for Broadband service are not regulated under federal law, the OCC strongly encourages Broadband service providers to factor in the public interest when setting prices in exchange for the privilege of occupying public streets with their lines and facilities. OCC Staff Attorney Burt Cohen serves as the Broadband Policy Coordinator in the Office of State Broadband.

Attorney Cohen’s contact information is 860-827-2908 and



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