Members of the public may watch the following parole and pardons hearings via video feed (Click here for instructions. The video will be available for viewing after the hearing as long as the link is posted on the website). Hearings start at 9am unless posted otherwise. Click on the below links to watch hearings on:

May 30th, 2024:
Revocation Reviews - R#3.

PO Meisinger Revocation Hearing - R#1.

PO Wengertsman Revocation Hearing - R#2.

All hearings will be conducted as MS Teams or Zoom Virtual Hearings and streamed LIVE on this website as well. Please check back periodically for updates and links. Please refresh or switch your web browser if the links are not working.

A Certificate of Employability (COE) is for employment and licensure purposes only.

This does not erase anyone's criminal history.

The Certificate is meant to provide individuals convicted of crime(s) relief from barriers or forfeitures to employment, or the issuance of licenses. The Court Support Services Division of the Judicial branch will accept and process Certificate applications for those individuals under Probation Supervision. The Board of Pardons and Paroles will accept and process Certificate applications for individuals who:

  • Have successfully been under the supervision of Parole and Community Services Division of the Department of Correction for 90 days or 
  • Have successfully completed their sentence, are not currently under supervision, have no new arrest(s) and  have been in the community for a minimum of 90 days.
The link provided below will serve as the official verification source  containing the list of petitioners for Certificates of Employability and the result of this petition.   This list will be updated at the time a COE is issued by either Court and Support Services Division (Probation) or Board of Pardons and Paroles.  For a complete list of limitations on a particular COE please contact the issuing agency.