Adult-Use Cannabis in Connecticut

Cannabis is now legal for adults in Connecticut, but it’s not a free-for-all. Retailers must be licensed, and legal cannabis products must comply with strict safety standards. Here are important resources regarding Connecticut’s cannabis laws, actions the Office of the Attorney General has taken to address unlawful cannabis sales, and what you can do to protect children from unsafe, illegal products.

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We continue to see highly-potent illegal cannabis products that look like common kid snacks. These edibles are untested and unsafe. Kids have eaten these products and ended up in the hospital. If you see these products, keep them away from children and report them at

Recent Enforcement Actions

Attorney General Tong Seeks Injunction to Block HighBazaar Unlicensed Cannabis Markets (1/19/2024)

Attorney General William Tong announced today that HighBazaar has cancelled its Sunday, January 21 event after the Office of the Attorney General sought a temporary injunction in Hartford Superior Court to block the unlicensed, illegal cannabis market.

Attorney General Tong Sues Three Wholesalers and Four Retailers for Repeated Sale of Potent, Illicit Cannabis Products (1/9/2024)

Attorney General William Tong today filed seven new enforcement actions against wholesalers and retailers engaging in the distribution and sale of potent, illicit cannabis products in Connecticut.

Attorney General Tong Issues Cease and Desist Letter to HighBazaar Over Recurring Unlicensed Cannabis Markets (1/4/2024)

Attorney General William Tong today issued a cease and desist letter to HighBazaar, warning organizers that the unlicensed cannabis market appears to violate multiple state statutes.

Attorney General Tong, Stamford Police Confiscate Thousands of Illegal Delta-8 THC Cannabis Products Following Vape Shop Inspection (4/11/2023)

Attorney General William Tong today announced that a joint enforcement action with Stamford Police has resulted in the confiscation of thousands of illegal delta-8 THC, delta-8 THCO, delta-9 THCO and other high THC cannabis products found for sale at three Stamford vape shops.

Attorney General Tong Announces Crackdown on Illegal Sale of Delta-8 THC (2/9/2023)

Attorney General William Tong today sued five Connecticut retailers for alleged violations of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act over the sale of illegal delta-8 THC products mimicking popular youth-oriented snacks and candies.

Attorney General Tong Warns Against Unregulated and Illegal Cannabis Products Sold in Look-Alike Packaging (10/26/2021)

Attorney General William Tong is warning the public about the dangers of cannabis edibles and hemp derivatives in packaging designed to look like well-known snack foods and candy. These products are unregulated, illegal, and may be extremely dangerous.