The Safe Choice

  • Making a choice means:Crossword Puzzle Safety First
  • You pick the things you like best
  • You decide for yourself what your life will be like
  • You have a right to make choices.
Choice and Risk
  • A risk is the chance something bad might happen.
  • Some choices have lots of risk:
  • If you choose to cross the street without looking, a car might hit you; and
  • If you choose to smoke, you might get sick.
  • Learn more about choice and risk.
Safe Way/Risky Way
  • There is a safe way and a risky way to do everything.
  • If you choose the risky way, you might get hurt.
  • Someone else might get hurt, too!
  • The best choice is the safe way.
Safe ChoiceThe safe choice
  • There are things you can do to make a safe choice.
  • Safe choices have less risk.
  • Less risk means less chance that something bad might happen.
  • The easiest way to make a safe choice is: Think, Plan, Do.
Think, Plan, Do: Making a safe choice
  • Saturday is a nice day. You do not have to work.
  • You choose to ride your bike to the park.
  • How can you make your choice safe?
  • Think about the best and worst things that can happen.
Best things:
  • You have fun at the park
  • You get some exercise
Worst things:
  • You fall off the bike
  • You get lost
  • Someone takes your bike
PlanPicture of a Note Pad
  • Plan how you can ride your bike in a safe way:
  • Wear a helmet
  • Tell someone where you’re going
  • Take a bike lock
  • Ride on a bike path or close to the side of the road
  • Make a safe choice.
  • If you feel safe, ride your bike to the park!
  • If you do not feel safe:
  • Plan other ways to be safe
  • Walk to the park
  • Choose to do something else for fun
If you’re not sure, ask someone!Question marks
  • Tell a friend, family member or support person what you want to do.
  • Ask them if there are risks.
  • Ask how you can be safe.
  • Then decide for yourself.
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