Exploring Your Community

Community Activities
Community activities are a great way to meet people with similar interests and make new friends. Try answering the following questions with others. You can hand it out and ask everyone to write down their thoughts or meet to answer the questions as a group. Keep this list handy when you’re looking for community activities to enjoy.

• Where do people go on the weekends? Picture of Bowling Pins and Ball
• Where can I read about things to do?
• What do people do for fun? Where do they go?
• What clubs do people join?
• What churches, temples, or other religions are around?
• Where do people gather?
• Is there a community center? A local library? Recreation fields?
• What other public places do people go?
• Where do people go to shop?
• Where are the major streets for shopping, services, and entertainment?
• What are fun things to do in your community?
• Where is the center of the community? What's there?
Picture of a MovieTicket