Exercises You Can Do In Your Wheelchair

It’s important for everyone to stay active and exercise.Wheel Chair Race

  • Exercise keeps you healthy.
  • There are many activities you can do.

Some examples are:

  • Range of motion exercises
  • Yoga and Thai Chi
  • Resistance training
  • Weight training

Talk to your doctor before starting new exercises.

  • Your doctor will check your:
    • General health
    • Medications
    • The way you move

  • Talk with your doctor about:
    • Which exercises are best for you
    • How to stay safe when exercising

Ask your doctor about safe range of motion exercises.

  • Range of motion exercises are stretching exercises.
  • Ask a partner to help you.
  • Warm up slowly.
  • Start slowly and rest if you get tired.

Try some of these exercises:Wheel Chair

  • Arm Cycling: Bicycle with your arms instead of your legs
  • Chair Aerobics: Move and stretch your body to music
  • Rowing: Pretend to row a boat – in your chair or on a special piece of equipment
  • Water Exercise: Enroll in a class for swimming or exercise

You could also try Yoga or Tai Chi.

  • Yoga involves special breathing and stretching exercises.
  • Tai Chi is a series of dance-like movements.
  • You do not need any special equipment to do these exercises.
  • For more information check with your library or park and recreation district.

Learn to do resistance training.

  • You need a resistance band:
    • It is like a large rubber band
    • You can buy one at a sports store
  • Wrap the band around:
    • Pulling the bands will exercise your muscles.

Try lifting weightstrainer and woman exercising

  • Lifting weights is also called weight training.
  • Use weights or cans of food.
  • Start with 1-2 pound weights.
  • Work up slowly to 5 pounds or more.

Remember, before you start exercising:

  • Talk to your doctor first
  • Ask someone to show you how to do the exercises
  • Start slowly
  • Exercise with someone else
  • It is safer and more fun

When you exercise:

  • Eat food at least one hour before you start
  • Warm up before you exercise
  • Stretch before and after you exercise
  • Drink water frequently
  • If you feel really tired or feel dizzy, STOP

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