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The DDS Self Advocate Coordinators (SACs) are available to support all Self Advocacy (SA) groups around the state of Connecticut by providing monthly resources for a fun and informative SA meeting.  Every fiscal year, the SACs select monthly topics for July through June, that interests advocates.

This site will assist any SA group looking for ideas to support their meeting, making it a time to have Fun and make friends, become a great Advocate by becoming empowered, and learn information to increase knowledge and Brainpower, to assist in understanding various topics to make their life happen!

The SACs suggest all the meetings follow a simple plan:

Agenda   FAB Check list Everyone knows what to expect  
Ground Rules  FAB Referee for the group – Everyone is respected by setting rules to have a fun and informative meeting
 Fun Games  FAB Fun and Games Everyone can have a good time, socialize, and learn more about each other
 Brainpower  FAB Brain Power Information and resources to empower SA members to be Self Advocates
 Links  FAB Links Each month the SACs will provide links to information and resources to assist in putting together a SA meeting.

 FAB Monthly Calendar

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