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Municipal Best Practices Guidelines
The ACIR has compiled and continues to update best practices guidelines that can assist municipalities in responding to the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The goal of this effort is to provide local officials with solutions that meet local needs and are in sync with state expectations.  Guidelines are updated as needed and suggestions are welcomed.  The ACIR appreciates guidance provided by a number of state-wide organizations, the General Assembly’s Office of Legislative Research, and state agencies.  
Best Practices by Topic:
  • COVID-19 Emergency Executive Order Summary  (updated 11/10/2020)
  • Animal Control  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Assessor  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Building Official  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Elections  (updated 4/7/2021)
  • Farmers' Markets  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Finance  (updated 8/17/2020)
  • General Administration  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Housing and Homeless Services  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Human Resources  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Land Use  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Libraries  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Meetings  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Municipal Budgeting  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Municipal-Based Transportation  (NEW 12/23/2020)
  • Parks and Recreation  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Public Works  (updated 1/28/2021)
  • Senior Centers - refer to guidance developed by the CT Dept. of Aging & Disability Services
  • Tax Collector  (updated 2/5/2021)
  • Town Clerk  (updated 8/17/2020)
  • Town Facility Re-Opening (updated 1/28/2021)
Other COVID-19 Resources
  • ACIR report:  Executive Orders for Priority Continuance and Codification
  • ACIR memo:  Reopening and Recovery for Towns and Cities
  • ACIR memo:  Staffing Resources in COVID-19 Emergency 
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Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Regions

  • Region I:  covers 14 municipalities in the southwestern area of the state
  • Region II:  covers 30 towns and cities in the south-central area of the state
  • Region II:  covers 41 towns in the northern central area of the state, surrounding Hartford
  • Region IV:  covers 42 municipalities and two tribal nations in the eastern area of the state
  • Region V:  covers 43 municipalities in the northwestern area of the state
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