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Consumer Healthcare Education Work Group

The Consumer Healthcare Education Work Group will focus on opportunities to enhance stakeholder education and engagement in Connecticut's healthcare system, including consumers and providers, and the role of pharmacists, as well as systemic prevention and health promotion efforts.

Members of the Work Group are:

Susan Adams - Chair

Bonita Grubbs                    Miriam Delphon-Rittmon                    Ellen Andrews                 

Shelly Ann Sweat               Ricka Wolman                                       Marie Smith              

Sheldon Toubman             Laura Morris                                         Veronica Mansfield - Middlesex Hospital



Meeting Agenda:     11/6/2017 Agenda


Meeting Agenda:    10/23/2017 Agenda 
Meeting Minutes:   10/23/2017 Minutes


Meeting Agenda:   10/11/2017 Agenda
Meeting Material:
Meeting Minutes:   10/11/2017 Minutes


Meeting Agenda:   10/4/2017 Agenda
Meeting Material:   Question 5
Meeting Minutes:    10/4/2017 Minutes

Meeting Material:      Question 7         Question 8
Meeting Agenda:     9/27/2017 Agenda 
Meeting Minutes:     9/27/2017


Meeting Agenda:    9/20/2017 Agenda 
Meeting Minutes:     9/20/2017


Meeting Material:     Question 4           Question  5     Question 6
Meeting Agenda:     9/13/2017 Agenda 
Meeting Minutes:     9/13/2017


Meeting Material:      9/6/2017
Meeting Agenda:      9/6/2017 Agenda 
Meeting Minutes:       9/6/2017


Meeting Material:  Question 2        Draft #2 Charter        Question 3
Meeting Agenda:  8/30/2017 Agenda

Meeting Minutes:   8/30/2017 draft minutes


Meeting Material: Question 1                 Draft #2 Charter      
Meeting Agenda:  8/23/2017 Agenda
Meeting Minutes:  8/23/2017

Meeting Agenda: 8/16/2017 Agenda
Meeting Minutes: 8/16/2017
Meeting Material:  Question 1


Meeting Agenda: 7/31/2017 Agenda 
Meeting Minutes: 7/31/2017


Meeting Agenda: 7/24/2017 Agenda
Meeting Minutes: 7/24/2017