Related Statutes


Approximately 70 sections of the Connecticut General Statutes pertain to certain types of workers or affect certain types of injuries, even though these statutes lie outside of the Workers' Compensation Act itself. Since such statutes play an important and integral part in the administration of the state's workers' compensation system, they are included here for reference.


2021 Related Statutes
Connecticut General Statutes as amended to January 1, 2021


To determine how a law affects a specific work-related injury or illness, one must refer to the statutes in effect at the time of the injury or first diagnosis of the illness. Our site makes available previous versions of Connecticut's workers' compensation laws through our publication, the Bulletin, that we print every two years.

If you require earlier versions of workers' compensation or related statutes to match the date of a specific work-related injury or illness, you will find previous versions of the Workers' Compensation Act and related statutes printed in our earlier Law Bulletins, which contain the laws as they existed as far back as 2001.