2021 Related Statutes


Approximately 70 sections of the Connecticut General Statutes pertain to certain types of workers or affect certain types of injuries, even though these statutes lie outside of the Workers' Compensation Act itself. Since such statutes play an important and integral part in the administration of the state's workers' compensation system, they are included here for reference.


Selected statutes affecting compensation benefits for state employees:

Sec. 5-142. Disability compensation.

Sec. 5-142a. Injury or death of sheriff.

Sec. 5-143. Applicability of Workers’ Compensation Act. Additional sick leave compensation.

Sec. 5-144. Death benefits for state employees, state officers and members of General Assembly.

Sec. 5-145. Notice of injury or death of state employee, state officer or member of General Assembly.

Sec. 5-145a. Hypertension or heart disease in certain university, aeronautics, State Capitol police, correction, mental health, criminal justice or hazardous duty personnel.

Sec. 5-145b. Hypertension or heart disease in motor vehicle inspectors.

Sec. 5-145c. Hypertension or heart disease in chief inspectors or inspectors in the Division of Criminal Justice.

Sec. 5-146. Allowances for survivors of members of Division of State Police. Cost-of-living allowance. Effect of collective bargaining agreements. Valuation of fund by Retirement Commission.


Selected statutes affecting compensation benefits for volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance personnel:

Sec. 7-314. Definitions. Exemption from Freedom of Information Act.

Sec. 7-314a. Death, disability and injury benefits. Presumption.

Sec. 7-314b. Collection of workers’ compensation benefits by volunteer firefighters and members of volunteer ambulance services.

Sec. 7-314c. Assumption of liability by the state for volunteer firefighters.

Sec. 7-322a. Benefits for volunteers rendering service to another fire company.

Sec. 7-322b. Volunteers serving in municipality where employed. Fire and ambulance leaves. Enactment by municipality. List of participating members. Benefits.

Sec. 7-323s. Model guidelines re municipal emergency personnel. Municipal agreements re volunteer service of paid emergency personnel.

Sec. 7-323t. Municipal contracts prohibiting paid emergency personnel from volunteer service.


Selected statutes providing for disability benefits resulting from heart and hypertension in fire and police personnel:

Sec. 7-433b. Survivors’ benefits for firemen and policemen. Maximum cumulative payment.

Sec. 7-433c. Benefits for policemen or firemen disabled or dead as a result of hypertension or heart disease.

Sec. 7-433d. Injury or death of fireman while engaged in fire duties with another company.


Selected statutes providing compensation for personnel within each board of education assaulted in the line of duty:

Sec. 10-236a. Indemnification of educational personnel assaulted in the line of duty.


Selected statutes defining healing arts, costs of laboratory services, diagnostic tests, disclosure letter, and nursing:

Sec. 20-1. Healing arts defined.

Sec. 20-7a. Billing for clinical laboratory services. Cost of diagnostic tests. Financial disclosures to patients. Billing practices re anatomic pathology services.

Sec. 20-7h. Disclosure re services provided based on letter of protection and cost of providing opinion letter.

Sec. 20-87a. Definitions. Scope of practice.


Selected statutes pertaining to real estate brokers, salespersons or appraisers not deemed “employees” under the Act:

Sec. 20-312b. Licensed real estate broker or real estate salesperson not deemed “employee” under section 31-275.

Sec. 20-507. Certified appraiser or licensed provisional appraiser not considered an employee under section 31-275.


Selected statutes pertaining to compensation benefits for auxiliary fire, police and civil preparedness personnel and volunteers that conduct homeland security:

Sec. 28-14. Compensation for death, disability or injury.

Sec. 28-14a. Compensation of volunteers with volunteer organizations that conduct homeland security drills. Compensation for injury, disability or death.

Sec. 29-4a. Death or disability from hypertension or heart disease. Compensation.

Sec. 29-22. Volunteer police auxiliary force.


Selected statutes pertaining to reporting of occupational disease:

Sec. 31-40a. (Formerly Sec. 19-48). Reports of occupational diseases and investigations concerning them.


Selected statutes pertaining to establishment of safety and health committees by certain employers:

Sec. 31-40v. Establishment of safety and health committees by certain employers.


Selected statutes pertaining to family and medical leave:

Sec. 31-51ll. Family and medical leave: Length of leave; eligibility; intermittent or reduced leave schedules; substitution of accrued paid leave; notice to employer.


Selected statutes pertaining to employee misclassification:

Sec. 31-57h. Joint enforcement commission on employee misclassification. Members. Duties. Report.

Sec. 31-57i. Employee Misclassification Advisory Board. Members. Duties.


Selected statutes pertaining to additional penalties:

Sec. 31-69a. Additional penalty.


Selected statutes pertaining to unemployment benefits:

Sec. 31-230. Benefit year, base period and alternative base period. Regulations.

Sec. 31-258. Repayment of benefits on receipt of workers’ compensation.


Selected statutes pertaining to rate of interest:

Sec. 37-3a. Rate recoverable as damages. Rate on debt arising out of hospital services.


Selected statutes pertaining to insurance liens on awards:

Sec. 38a-470. (Formerly Sec. 38-174n). Lien on workers’ compensation awards for insurers. Notice of lien.


Selected statutes pertaining to private employer workers’ compensation group self-insurance:

Sec. 38a-1000. Applicability.

Sec. 38a-1001. Definitions.

Sec. 38a-1002. Approval of self-insurance group required.

Sec. 38a-1003. Group certificate of approval. Application. Fees.

Sec. 38a-1004. Duration and termination of certificate of approval.

Sec. 38a-1005. Examination of group. Costs.

Sec. 38a-1006. Group board of trustees.

Sec. 38a-1007. Requirements for an employer to join group after its approval. Termination of membership. Insolvency or bankruptcy of member.

Sec. 38a-1008. Service company and administrator to be mutually disinterested.

Sec. 38a-1009. Nonemployee soliciting group membership must be licensed.

Sec. 38a-1010. Annual statement of financial condition required. Untrue statement prohibited.

Sec. 38a-1011. Taxes.

Sec. 38a-1012. Misrepresentation and omission in membership solicitation prohibited.

Sec. 38a-1013. Investments.

Sec. 38a-1014. Classifications and rating. Premium contributions. Audits. Hearings.

Sec. 38a-1015. Excess moneys refundable. Refund plan. Notice.

Sec. 38a-1016. Premium payment plan required. Loss reserves. Bad debt reserves.

Sec. 38a-1017. Deficiencies. Insolvency. Liquidation and assessment.

Sec. 38a-1018. Penalties.

Sec. 38a-1019. Cease and desist orders. Violations. Penalties. License and certificate revocation.

Sec. 38a-1020. Revocation of certificate of approval.

Sec. 38a-1021. Additional provisions.

Sec. 38a-1022. Regulations.

Sec. 38a-1023. Severability.


Selected statutes pertaining to commissioners of the superior court:

Sec. 51-85. Authority and powers of commissioners of the Superior Court.


Selected statutes pertaining to evidentiary matters:

Sec. 52-149a. Depositions of medical witnesses.

Sec. 52-174. Admissibility of records and reports of certain expert witnesses as business entries.


Selected statutes pertaining to unpaid child support:

Sec. 52-362d. Lien against property of obligor for unpaid child support. Securing, releasing or foreclosing lien. Notice of lien and opportunity for hearing. Information re unpaid support reported to participating consumer reporting agency. Offset for child support arrearage against money payable by state to obligor. Notification by Connecticut Lottery Corporation. Hearings re alleged arrearages. Regulations.


Selected statutes pertaining to theft, felony sentences and subrogation:

Sec. 52-564. Treble damages for theft.

Sec. 53a-35a. Imprisonment for felony committed on or after July 1, 1981. Definite sentence. Authorized term.

Sec. 54-212. Office of Victim Services to have subrogated cause of action against person responsible for crime.