Online Dating Scams

What to KnowWhat to Do

These days many people meet each other on dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms. Sometimes, scammers use these sites to identify potential victims. Scammers make fake profiles to attract people and then ask for money or expensive items to be sent to them. After they get what they want, they cut off communication with the person they scammed, and the victim seldom has a way to recover their money or items.

Signs that someone you meet online is a scammer:
  • They want to leave the dating site immediately and use texting, personal email or IM (instant messaging).
  • They claim they’re in love with you before actually meeting you in person. 
  • They claim to be from the U.S., but are traveling or working overseas either on business or for the military.
  • They always plan to visit, but are prevented by traumatic events or bad business deals.
  • They ask you to send or wire them money.