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Secretary Kohler Reminds Eligible Voters of Election Day Registration

Voters can register and vote on Election Day at the EDR location in their town 

(HARTFORD) – Following the close of pre-election voter registration, Secretary of the State Mark Kohler reminded eligible, unregistered voters that they can register and vote on Election Day at the Election Day Registration location in their town.

“If you are eligible but unregistered and want to vote in this year’s election, it is not too late! Connecticut has Election Day Registration, giving those who want their voice heard an opportunity to do so at the voting booth,” Secretary Kohler said. “It is the charge of election officials statewide, including in my office, to ensure every eligible voter is able to do what they have the right to do – vote.”

Election Day Registration locations can be found at myvote.ct.gov/EDR. Registration is available for new Connecticut voters or voters who have moved to a new town; voters who have moved within their town are not required to register. Voters can check their registration at myvote.ct.gov/LookUp and can find more information on Election Day Registration at myvote.ct.gov/EDRInfo. Eligible voters only need to be in line by 8:00 pm to register and vote, they do not need to have registered by 8:00 p.m.

In order to register on Election Day, a potential voter must provide their birth certificate, driver's license, passport, or Social Security card, or in the case of college and university students a current photo identification issued by their higher education institution. If the potential voter’s identification does not also include proof of their residential address, he or she must also submit another form of identification showing their residential address in the municipality. The additional identification may include, but is not limited to, a motor vehicle learner's permit, a utility bill due no later than 30 days after the election, for a college or university student a current college or university registration or fee statement, a lease, a library card with residential address, a paycheck, a property tax bill, naturalization documents, or other satisfactory proof of residence.

Eligibility requirements can be found at: https://portal.ct.gov/SOTS/Election-Services/Voter-Information/Voting-Eligibility.


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