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The Legislation and Elections Administration Division (LEAD) administers, interprets and implements all state and federal laws pertaining to elections, primaries, nominating procedures, and the acquisition and exercise of voting rights. The Division encourages and monitors the implementation of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), the National Voter Registration Act and other voter registration efforts in Connecticut.  In conjunction with local Town Clerks and Registrars of Voters, the division provides training for local elected officials.  The division, working with local officials, has put into operation a statewide-computerized voter registry system, which complies with HAVA.


In addition the division is the official keeper of all acts, orders, grants and resolutions of the General Assembly, receives and maintains legislation, regulations and a wide range of other public documents as required by statute, and administers Connecticut’s notary public program.

Specific functions and oversight by the Division includes issues related to:

·      Canvass, National Voter Registration Act, Party Enrollment, Voter Registration, Voting Machine Companies, Voting Machines, Centralized Voter Registration System.

·      Federal Elections, State Elections, Municipal Elections, Special Elections, Vacancies.

·      Election Laws and Statutes, General Statutes, Election Calendars, Primary Calendars.

·      Examiners for Voting Machines, Moderators Schools, Outreach, Registrars of Voters' Conferences, Town Clerks' Conferences, Voting Machine Mechanics Schools.

·      Nonprofit Voter Registration, Agency-based Voter Registration, Municipalities Voter Registration.

·      Caucuses, Challenges to Election, Conventions, Electoral College, Presidential Primaries, Primaries, Primary Petitions, Statistics (including media calls), Town Committees.

·      Enrollment Statistics, Nominating Petitions, Party Rules, Questions on Ballot, Third Party Candidates, Write-in Candidates.

·      Justices of the Peace, Notaries Public, Apostilles, Authentications.