2020 RFPs

Academic Office

RFP: 827
Curricula Instructional Management System  Word Version

Purpose: To provide universal, free access to high quality, high impact online instructional resources and curricula to support all districts. 

Date Posted: August 28, 2020
Application Deadline: 
September 28, 2020
Bidder's Conference: 

Contact: Irene.parisi@ct.gov
Phone: (860) 713-6852


RFP: 826

Promoting Financial Literacy in Middle School Statewide Grant 2020  Word Version

Purpose: High-quality financial literacy education is critical for the success of all students. The Promoting Middle School Financial Literacy Grant 2020 seeks to expand financial literacy in grades 6-8 to prepare students to navigate the complex consumer economy of the 21st century as informed and civically engaged citizens. 

Funds must be utilized to create new Financial Literacy programming or to enhance and improve current content offerings. Nationally-recognized Personal Finance Standards, e.g., JumpStart or National Business Educator Association (NBEA), must be utilized when designing curriculum. Educators are encouraged to design learning experiences that meet the needs of all learners using backward design principles such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Middle school programming should vertically align with local high school graduation requirements for Personal Finance and/or high school course offerings. Please note that middle school financial literacy courses cannot be used to award high school credit, fulfill local high school graduation requirements or replace math requirements.

Date Posted: July 14, 2020
Application Deadline:
August 14, 2020
Bidder's Conference:

Contact: kyllie.freeman@ct.gov
Phone: (860) 713-6592

RFP: 818 Career and Technical Education Secondary Enhancement Grant  Word Version

Purpose: To prepare the next generation of students with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in the global economy.

Date Posted: January 21, 2020 
Application Deadline: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 
Bidder's Conference: N/A 

Contact: harold.mackin@ct.gov 
Phone: (860) 713-6779


CT Technical Education and Career Services (CTECS)

RFP: 20-0520001 Outside Labor Counsel

DAS link: https://biznet.ct.gov/SCP_Search/BidDetail.aspx?CID=53337

Purpose: Seeking outside labor counsel on behalf of the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System to negotiate the successor collective bargaining agreements for teachers and administrators.

Date Posted: June 2, 2020 
Application Deadline: June 30, 2020 by 5 p.m.

Contact: kisha.richardson@ct.gov

Health, Nutrition, Family Services, and Adult Education

RFP: 828

Statewide Social & Emotional Learning Screeners and Assessments   Word Version

DAS BizNet: https://biznet.ct.gov/SCP_Search/BidDetail.aspx?CID=55372 

Frequently Asked Questions

Purpose: Acquisition of Social & Emotional Learning Screeners and Assessments

Date Posted: October 27, 2020 
Application Deadline: 
November 13, 2020 

Contact: kimberly.traverso@ct.gov


Request for Public Comment: 21st Century Community Learning Centers Out-of-School Time Waiver for 2020-21 School Year

SDE-21st Century Public Comment
BizNet: https://biznet.ct.gov/SCP_Search/BidResults.aspx  

Purpose: This Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) announcement serves as notice to the public, school districts, and the Nita M. Lowey 21st Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) for an opportunity to comment on the CSDE’s plan to pursue a waiver request from the USED with regard to flexible use of 21st CCLC funds.

Date Posted: October 15, 2020
Deadline: October 26, 2020 5:00 p.m.

Contact: Shelby Pons


Request for Information: Social-Emotional Universal Screening 

Social-Emotional Universal Screening 2020

Biznet: https://biznet.ct.gov/SCP_Search/BidDetail.aspx?CID=54630

Purpose: The CSDE is seeking an evidence-based, strength-based, standardized, and norm-referenced assessment of behaviors related to social-emotional well-being that help in identifying the interventions and supports, including documenting progress over time and outcomes for K-12 students.

Date Posted: July 14, 2020 
Application Deadline: 
July 20, 2020 5 p.m.

Contact: glen.petersen@ct.gov

RFP: 972

National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Equipment Assistance Grants  Word Version

Purpose: To provide funding for school districts (school food authorities - SFAs) participating in the National School Lunch Program to purchase food service equipment needed to meet nutritional standards for schools, ensure food safety, improve operation and efficiency, and/or expand participation in Child Nutrition Programs.

Date Posted: June 24, 2020
Application Deadline: July17, 2020
Bidder's Conference: N/A

Contact: shelby.pons@ct.gov
Phone: (860) 807-2103

Procurement Announcement for Connecticut Adult Education Reporting System
Statement of Work
Frequently Asked Questions

Purpose: Seeking to select a vendor to provide a secure, statewide, web-based adult education data management information, accountability and warehouse system fully implemented no later than July 1, 2020.

Date Posted: March 10, 2020 
Application Deadline: May 4, 2020 5 p.m.

Contact: Ajit.gopalakrishnan@ct.gov


Performance Office

Procurement Announcement for Connecticut School Choice Application and Student Assignment System
Statement of Work
Frequently Asked Questions
Purpose: To procure a secure Web-based application and student assignment system for use by the CSDE and by magnet school operators/local school districts responsible for recruiting and placing Hartford and suburban-resident students in school choice programs in the Greater Hartford Region.

Date Posted:
January 30, 2020 
Application Deadline: 
March 30, 2020 5 p.m.


Procurement Announcement for Connecticut Special Education Data System (CT-SEDS)
Statement of Work
Frequently Asked Questions: CT-SEDS Updated 02/14/20

Purpose: To procure a secure Web-based special education data and IEP management system for use by CSDE and entities responsible for the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). 

Date Posted: January 6, 2020
Application Deadline: March 2, 2020 5 p.m.

Contact: ajit.gopalakrishnan@ct.gov

Special Education

Request for Application for Surrogate Parents for 2020-21
Purpose: The Surrogate Parent Program is a federally mandated program (34 Code of Federal Regulations [CFR] § 300.519) that provides educational advocacy services for children and youth under the jurisdiction of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) (foster children) or an unaccompanied minor or homeless youth (34 CFR § 300.519[f]), who need or may need special education. 

Date Posted: December 16, 2019 
Application Deadline: January 31, 2020, 5 p.m. 
Bidder's Conference: N/A 

Contact: Surrogate.Application@ct.gov 
Phone: (860) 713-6716

Strategic Planning and Partnerships


2021-2022 Interdistrict Cooperative Grant Program   Word Version

Purpose: To maintain a competitive grant program for the purpose of assisting local and regional boards of education, regional educational service centers and nonsectarian, nonprofit organizations with the establishment of interdistrict cooperative programs that increase student achievement and reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation.

Date Posted: November 17, 2020 
Application Deadline: 
January 29, 2021 
Bidder's Conference: 

Contact: jessica.cabanillas@ct.gov (preferred)
Phone: (860) 713-6575


ED: 999

OpenChoice Academic Student and Social Support Grant ( Sheff Region)   Word Version

Purpose: To promote academic and social success for students participating in the Open Choice program in the Sheff Region.

Date Posted: June 1, 2020 
Application Deadline: 
August 21, 2020 
Bidder's Conference: 

Contact: janet.foster@ct.gov Phone: (860) 713-6561 


RFP: 001

Interdistrict Cooperative Grant Program  Word Version

March 24, 2020 Update - Modifications for New Awardees FY 20-21Strategic_Planning_and_Partnerships_IDCG_2021 Modifications

Purpose: To maintain a competitive grant program for the purpose of assisting local and regional boards of education, regional educational service centers and nonsectarian, nonprofit organizations with the establishment of interdistrict cooperative programs that increase student achievement and reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation.

Date Posted: February 27, 2020 
Application Deadline: April 6, 2020 Extended to April 27, 2020
Bidder's Conference: N/A
Notification of Awards: May 2020 (tentative)Apply CSS Class

Contact: SDE.StrategicPlanning@ct.gov
Phone: (860) 713-6598 or (860) 713-6465


Turnaround Office

RFP: 816

2020 Low-Performing Schools Bond Funding Common Application   Word version

Purpose: The grant supports Connecticut’s low-performing K-12 public schools by providing grants-in-aid to address school site opportunities promoting learning, health, and safety for all children in high-quality facilities and 21st century educational environments.
The funds outlined in this specific award will provide grants-in-aid to eligible schools and districts exclusively for the purchase of technology needed to ensure teachers and students have devices, and access to devices, to successfully enable remote learning, as needed, in response to COVID-19. 

Date Posted: October 30, 2020 
Application Deadline: 
December 1, 2020 
Bidder's Conference: 

Contact: michael.kent@ct.gov
Phone: (860) 713-6546