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Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment 


Effective in 2022-23, the CSDE will begin collecting individual student assessment achievement levels for the Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment (CPFA). Districts will be required to provide the achievement level attained for all four CPFA components for all students in tested grades. This modification will enable the CSDE to recognize, for accountability purposes, the participation of some groups of students who may have not been formally rated on the CPFA in the past (e.g., non-binary students who chose not to be held to a gender-based standard or students needing an alternate assessment). The data collection application will open in early 2023. In the meantime, going forward, districts should retain individual scores for ALL tested students and ALL four components so that they can be submitted through the system.  

The Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment (CPFA) is Connecticut’s annual assessment of public school students’ physical well-being.  Students in Grades 4, 6, and 8 are assessed annually.  At the high school level, schools have the flexibility to assess students at any grade, but must assess each student at some point between Grades 9 and 12. 
The goals of the assessment program are to:

  • inform schools, districts and the public about programs focusing on fitness and physical activity in our schools and evaluate their success

Students taking the CPFA are evaluated using age and gender appropriate standards in four components fitness.  The components assessed include:

  • aerobic endurance;
  • flexibility;
  • upper body strength and endurance, and
  • abdominal muscle strength and endurance.

Test Administration Manual - Updated Fall 2022

Test Manual Attachments (for the Test Administrator's Manual)


Assessment Results


Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment Results are available on the Department's data dissemination website – EdSight.  General results are in the Performance section of the site.  The assessment results are also included in the Next Generation Accountability reports and the Profile and Performance reports, also available on EdSight.


Physical Education


For information on Physical Education instruction, please see the Department’s Physical Education page.