Password/Username Information


Username Reminder/Password Reset
Changes in Staff

When a person who had access to data collections is no longer employed by your district or is no longer responsible for a data collection the following steps should be taken to ensure the privacy and protection of student data: 

  • Portal Applications:  portal icon
    • Portal Applications are managed through Directory Manager (DM). Each user is assigned a username and password. Your district’s LEA Security Manager should either inactivate (if person no longer employed) or remove the appropriate role (if person is no longer responsible for a collection, but has other roles assigned) from that person’s account in DM.
    • Portal Applications are noted on the Data Collection Applications page.
    • If the person who is no longer employed by your district was the only LEA Security Manager, contact one of the SDE DM Contacts:
  • Legacy Applications: legacy icon
    • There is one username and password per district to access the secure legacy application website (referred to as the Enter Button Password). This username and password are unique to the district. Since all legacy applications do not require a separate username and password you should request a new Enter Button Password.
    • Legacy Applications are noted on the Data Collection Applications page.
    • The Superintendent will need to fax  Dave Williamson at (860) 713-7009, on letterhead, a request to change the Enter Button Password.
      • Remember, you then need to share the new Enter Button Password with district staff responsible for legacy applications.
    • If the person had access to the Superintendent' Certification Code, you will need to obtain a new Superintendent Certification Code if one was not already requested. To do this, the Superintendent will need to contact Gady Weiner at (860) 713-6836 in our Public Information Office.