2019-2020 Communication:
Emails sent to all TCS Users will be posted below. To update the TCS User role for your LEA please contacts your Directory Manager Security Manager.  
Course Codes:
  • SCED Code Information - For the 2019-2020 reporting year (the current school year) we will continue to use the “old codes” (posted below) in TCS. Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year we will use the latest SCED codes. See this attachment for more information on the codes for 2020-2021. (posted 1/10/2020)
  • Course Code Structure
  • Prior-to-Secondary School Course Classification System:
  • Secondary School Course Classification System:
    • Secondary Course Code List
      • NEW Secondary Course Codes - To bridge the gap between SCED 6.0 and the current codes several new codes will be available for use this year. You do not have to add these to your system if you do not currently offer these courses. If there are any courses that your LEA offers that are not on the list please email me.
    • Career Technical Education Course Codes & Clusters - This document lists the courses that fall into each Technical Education Cluster. A master list is on the first tab, and a tab for each cluster follows. The master list can be sorted by cluster and each cluster header is linked to the cluster tab. 
Next Generation Indicator Information:
Additional Information About All CSDE Data Collections:
  • Visit the CSDE Data Collections page for information about all data collections, the Commissioner’s letter, the Agency Data Acquisition Plan, Timely and Accurate Information, Summary of Timely/Accurate Due Dates, certifying data, logging in, and passwords/usernames.