TCS Documentation

  • TCS Workflow - This document is a visual representation of the steps need to complete the TCS collection.
  • TCS Template - Use this to manually create your file.
  • 2021 - 2022 User Guide  - Definitions, code lists, etc.
  • Certification Checklist - Be sure to complete each of these items to review your data prior to Certification.
  • Facility Code List - This list provides the seven digit course code for the Course Facility Code and Facility 1 Code fields. 
  • Transition/Vocational Service Providers - A student must be registered to one of these facilities and under the age of 17 or over the age of 22 in order to use code 02 (transition services) on the Missing SASID Report.
Course Codes:
  • SCED Codes - For the 2021-2022 school year SCED Version 7.0 file will be will continue to be used to minimize changes needed. SCED Version 8.0 and 9.0 codes are also accepted. See the Additional Codes below.
  • Additional Codes - This document lists SCED 8.0 Codes, SCED 9.0 Codes and Connecticut specific codes that are also valid in the 2021-2022 collection year. 
  • Career Technical Education Course Codes & Clusters - This document lists the courses that fall into each Technical Education Cluster.
  • Commonly Used Elementary & Middle School Codes - This document lists codes that can be used to report students in PK- 6.
  • Course Code Structure
  • Computer Science Course Reporting Guidance - As part of an effort to improve equity in computer science access and participation, the CSDE has published guidance to help districts ensure that they are reporting computer science courses accurately. This guide includes a list of courses from the TCS data collection that will be flagged as computer science courses, course descriptions, teacher authorization, and graduation requirements. Most courses listed have been in existence for several years; however additional courses will be added as new versions are released.

    CT Computer Science Course Reporting Guidance Webinar - A background of why this guidance has been created and information on  how LEA’s can ensure courses reported to the CSDE, in terms of Computer Science, are accurate. (recorded 4/28/21)

Next Generation Indicator Information:

Below are links to emails that were sent to all LEA contacts with the TCS User role as of the date of communication. Contact your Security Manager for any updates to this role.


  • 6/1/2022 - Subject: CSDE: SAM Portion of TCS Now Open - Announcement of SAM opening, documentation information
  • 5/17/2022 - Subject: CSDE: TCS Training Available - Announcement of training sessions
  • 4/12/2022 - Subject: CSDE: TCS Now Open - Announcement of application opening, general information
  • 3/21/2022 - Subject: CSDE TCS Information - General information on the 2021-2022 collection
  • 2/1/2022 - Subject: TCS Update - New Student Achievement Module 
  • 1/20/2022 - Subject: Collection Deadline Updates - Deadline updates for PSIS, ED166 and TCS


Additional Information About All CSDE Data Collections:
  • Visit the CSDE Data Collections page for information about all data collections, the Commissioner’s letter, the Agency Data Acquisition Plan, Timely and Accurate Information, Summary of Timely/Accurate Due Dates, certifying data, logging in, and passwords/usernames.