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What incidents must be reported to CSDE? 

 All offenses that result in: 

  • In-school suspension 

  • Out-of-school suspension 

  • Bus suspension 

  • Expulsion 

  • In addition, all "serious" offenses, all incidents involving Alcohol, Drugs or Weapons must be reported regardless of the type of sanction imposed. This means that if anything is listed in the Weapon Involvement or Substance Involvement field (including electronic cigarettes) the incident must be reported. All Bullying Incidents must be reported.

A list of serious offenses is available on the Documentation page of the Help Site.

Should my district report disciplinary offenses for outplaced students or does the facility where the student is currently residing report it? 

The ED166 follows PSIS reporting rules so the LEA who reports the student in PSIS should report the student in the ED166.

The ED166 is asking for a Primary Incident in addition to completing the Bullying field. What should I put?

Please select an Incident Type code that best describes the type of bullying that took place (name calling, a written threat, etc.). The complete list of Incident Types is found on page 7 of the Record Layout which is posted on the Documentation page. 


What is the difference between bullying of a protected class and bullying of a non-protected class? 

Bullying of a protected class is a bullying incident based on one of the following protected classes:

  • Race, Color, Religion, Ancestry, National origin, Gender, Sexual orientation, Gender identity or expression, Mental/Physical /developmental/sensory disability, or the victim is associated with a group with one of these characteristics 
  • NOTE: Socioeconomic status, academic status, and physical appearance are not protected classes.

What does “associated with a group with one of these characteristics” in the above definition mean?

If a student is known to be friends with a group of protected class students and is bullied because of this friendship, this falls under bullying of a protected class. Example: A students (who is not physically disabled), is friends with a group of physically disabled students.  This student is then bullied because of his friendship.

If a bullying incident occurred involving a student who falls under a protected class but the incident did not have to do with being part of a protected class how should it be reported? Example: A student who is religion XYZ is bullied over something that is not related to religion XYZ.   

Use code 03, Bullying - Non-Protected Class.


My batch contains errors and when I tried to edit the data online I cannot find the record. What should I do? 

ED166 data is not transferred from your batch to the database until it is error free. Please return to your student information system, correct the data, export your data again, and the upload again.

My batch contains errors. What should I do?   

It is recommended that you correct your errors in your local student information system, then extract a new file and then upload again. Following these steps changes need to be made in only one place which reduces the chance of mistakes.

Remember that you can not certify your data if errors exist in your most recent batch.


If a sanction is reported as Suspended Out-of-School Pending Expulsion Hearing (1001) and the student is later expelled, do you add a new record to report the expulsion?

No - only one record should exist. Please update 1001 to 1010 – Out-of-School Suspension. Then add 1000 –Expulsion or whatever sanction the hearing resulted in

When a student skips class and gets caught off school grounds, should we use “Y” or “N” for School Sponsored Activity? 

If the student is caught off school grounds use "N;" If they get caught skipping on school grounds use "Y."

When a district submits a batch to CSDE and there are new incidents that have not yet been assigned a State Assigned Incident Tracking Number, what should go in that column (blank, zeros, spaces…etc)?

Please leave the column blank.

If a student is arrested for an off campus incident and suspended or expelled because of the arrest, how should the incident be entered?

If the student is arrested off campus for a non school-related incident but then later suspended or expelled by the school due to the arrest please enter the incident as 3600 – a school policy violation. For example, if a student is arrested on a Saturday at home for a drug offense then suspended from school due to the arrest the incident school be reported as 3600 – school policy violation, not a drug violation.   Incidents like this should always have been reported in this way, however to clarify these types of incidents code 3600 was created for the 2014-2015 school year. 


When I select a report it doesn't open. What should I do? 

The reports now open in a new window so you can more easily navigate. Be sure your pop up blocker is turned off. In Internet Explorer go to Tools | Pop-up Blocker | Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.


How do I complete the Mid-Year Certification?   

Please see "Mid-Year Certification" on the Documentation page.

When can I my Superintendent input the Superintendent's certification code? 

The certification code can be input on or after 6/1.


Are there different roles that can be assigned to ED166 users? 

Currently only district level access is available in the ED166. CSDE does plan multiple levels of access in the future.

I misplaced my ED166 password. How can I obtain it? 

Email Keryn Felder. Please note that passwords will be emailed only to those who are listed on the District Profile page of the ED166.

There has been a change in staff. How can I change my password? 

Email Keryn Felder  to have the password changed. It is always a good idea to change the password whenever there is a staff change, regardless of the reason behind the change.