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Resources for Schools and Educators

Videos, articles, and links that explain what MBL is, how it works, and why it is different from traditional educational models. Learn more »

Resources for Students, Parents, and Communities 

Information on preparing students for college, careers, and civic life. Learn more »

Communications Toolkit 

Start the conversation in your community with these resources. Learn more »

Spotlight on Connecticut 

Resources from from schools and districts in Connecticut that have implemented MBL. Learn more »

What's in a name? 

It goes by many names, but Mastery-Based Learning is the term Connecticut uses. Learn more »

Supporting Organizations 

Groups contributing to the effort in Connecticut. Learn more »

Career and Technical Education Connections

Carl D. Perkins and Career and Technical Education »

Mastery-Based Learning Video Resources

The playlist below contains resources to support local school districts that choose to implement Mastery-Based Learning, as well as families and community partners who want to learn more about this model.