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Help every child find great books to read at:, Find a Book

Summer Reading: Lexile® Find a Book
(Requires Google Chrome)
Find a Book is a book search tool that connects students with books based on their reading level and interests.

Lexile® Find a Book
Encuentra un Libro Lexile®

The Lexile Framework® in Connecticut 

The Lexile Framework® for Reading, commonly referred to as the Lexile Framework®, has been linked with the Smarter Balanced Assessment in English Language Arts for Grades 3-8. Students in Connecticut also may be receiving Lexile® measures from a variety of different tests and instructional programs used by local schools. With Lexile® measures, educators and parents can support student learning. To learn more, go to 

Additional Lexile® Tools and Resources

To access additional Lexile® tools and resources, including an introductory video that explains Lexile® measures, go to