Connecticut Core Standards

Mathematical Practice Resources - Math



  • Woot Math is a personalized progression of lessons designed to build number sense and mastery of fractions. It adapts the content in real-time to meet needs of individual students. It includes an Interactive Problem Bank with thousands of standards-aligned problems and Adaptive Practice which provides hands-on modeling to build conceptual understanding. Teachers use Woot Math to fill gaps/intervention/remediation, stretch advanced students, and deepen conceptual understanding for whole class or small group instruction. ( 


  • Numberless Word Problems – “Help Kids Understand Math Problems: Take Away The Numbers and the Question!” provides a detailed scaffolded approach to presenting word problems that gets students thinking before they ever have numbers or a question to act on. This differentiated instructional strategy starts off in a nonthreatening way – with no numbers – and lets students slow down, notice and wonder, grapple with the relationships in problems, and plan a solution path before they ever have to solve anything.(
  • Math Vocabulary: Math Vocabulary Cards - Based on the work of Robert J. Marzano, Ph.D., Building Academic Vocabulary, ASCD, the Math Vocabulary Cards were to designed to provide visual aids, opportunities for students to create their own “kid-friendly” definitions and drawings, and a model of graphics and definitions for a classroom’s Math Word Wall. Multiple exposures can add to students’’ knowledge through suggested activities, games, writing and discussions using grade level vocabulary terms. Dual Immersion Cards are also provided in Spanish. (  
  • Gr. 3-5 Teachers: Fraction Progressions (Illustrative Mathematics, video -7 units)