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PURA Investigation Recovers $9.4M for Ratepayers Overbilled by Retail Electric Suppliers

Suppliers Ordered to Submit Final Costs for Review

(New Britain, CT – May 19, 2021) – Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) recovered more than $9.4 million for ratepayers following an investigation that found dozens of electric suppliers failed to abide by existing customer protection regulations.

The Authority’s investigation stemfrom complaints that several suppliers had not met their requirement of providing current Next Cycle Rate information to the electric distribution companies (EDCs), resulting in the over billing of certain customers at rates higher than the last amount displayed on the customer’s monthly electric bill as their Next Cycle Rate.

In a draft interim decision issued today, the Authority announced its completion of the initial phase of the proceeding (Docket No. 18-12-22) resulting in bill credits of more than $9.4 million at a time when many Connecticut households continue to struggle with the affordability of essential services, like electricity.

As part of the proceeding, PURA provided amnesty from civil penalties to any supplier who voluntarily elected to self-report Next Cycle Rate violations that occurred up to January 28, 2019so long as the supplier provided appropriate refunds to all affected customers. Twenty-five suppliers elected to participate in the amnesty program by the deadline of February 20, 2019, and 22 submitted amnesty plans regarding violations concerning the timely display of Next Cycle Rate information on customer bills.

After receiving initial amnesty plans offering approximately $4 million in credits to customers, PURA audited the data and worked with suppliers to increase the customer bill credits to $9,412,918.

The Authority has now approved the 22 final amnesty plans spanning from January 2016 to January 2019Bill credits for affected customers have been in the process of being applied to monthly electric bills since mid-2020, and will continue through the rest of this calendar year.

Suppliers that did not participate in this review may be subject to an investigation and possible fines.

PURA urges all customers to review the supply summary on the first page of their electric bill each month. Customers can also find information about supplier rates on Connecticut’s official rate board.




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