Listening to a PURA Hearing or Event


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, regular meetings will be held virtually via Zoom until further notice. Please click here to access PURA's virtual hearing room.


PURA Webcasts

   View recordings of previous PURA regular meetings, hearings and events on our YouTube channel.

Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, PURA will resume with the following instructions

To listen to a PURA Hearing or Event you must have Windows Media Player or RealPlayer installed on your machine. Windows Media Player is a default application on all Windows machines, or you can Download a free version of RealPlayer.   

Selecting a Hearing Room link below will open your default media player and connect it to the Hearing Room that you selected. If you are having any issues please contact the DEEP Helpdesk at 860-424-3882 or

Please check our Upcoming Events page to confirm the time and Hearing Room that your event is located in. 







Content last updated May 2021