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  • 2/22/2019 Governor Lamont Selects Andrew N. Mais to Serve as Insurance Commissioner

    Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he is nominating Andrew N. Mais of Wilton to serve as commissioner of the Connecticut Insurance Department. A seasoned professional with extensive insurance, regulatory, media, government, and community relations experience, Mais brings to the position a broad understanding of the importance of the insurance industry to the state.

  • 2/22/2019 Governor Lamont Selects Renée D. Coleman-Mitchell to Serve as Commissioner of the Department of Public Health

    Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he has chosen Renée D. Coleman-Mitchell to serve as Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH). A health care executive who previously worked at the agency, she has dedicated her career toward advocating for health and wellness needs.

  • 2/22/2019 Governor Lamont Selects Seila Mosquera-Bruno to Serve as Commissioner of the Department of Housing

    Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he has chosen Seila Mosquera-Bruno of Milford to serve as Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH). An advocate for affordable housing in the state and nationally, Mosquera-Bruno has dedicated her career toward building public-private partnerships that create strong communities and revitalize neighborhoods.

  • 2/21/2019 Governor Lamont Encourages Connecticut High School and College Students to Participate in Cybersecurity Competition

    Governor Ned Lamont is encouraging young women in Connecticut high schools to take advantage of an opportunity to explore their aptitude for cybersecurity and computer science by participating in the 2019 Girls Go CyberStart program. An initiative of the cybersecurity company SANS Institute, Girls Go CyberStart is a nationwide competition designed to inspire young women to explore careers in the field of cybersecurity.

  • 2/21/2019 Governor Lamont Appointed to Serve on the Council of Governors

    Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he has been appointed by President Donald Trump to serve a two-year term on the Council of Governors, a bipartisan group of ten governors who are responsible for providing coordination between the states and the federal government on emerging threats and emergency response, synchronization and integration of state and federal military activities in the United States, and matters of mutual interest pertaining to the National Guard.

  • 2/20/2019 A Path Forward: Governor Lamont's FY 2020-2021 Budget Proposal

    Anchored by honesty, data, and stakeholder input, Governor Lamont’s pro-growth budget proposes the structural changes necessary to address the state’s crushing fixed costs, while also investing in transportation, education and workforce/economic development. It’s a budget that makes tough choices, strategic investments and ensures that we put Connecticut on a path to growth for all its citizens.

  • 2/19/2019 Governor Lamont Proposes Long-Overdue Structural Reforms: “This Is the Land of Steady Habits, but We Can’t Continue Along the Same Path and Expect That Things Will Fix Themselves”

    Governor Ned Lamont today released a strategic plan outlining real structural reforms to the state budget, specifically around Connecticut’s two major pension systems and state employee and retiree health benefits. The proposal includes cost sharing among municipalities and restructuring the Teacher’s Retirement System (TRS) to adjust the payment schedule. In addition, Governor Lamont will negotiate a maximum price for healthcare services provided to state employees and retirees, and propose risk sharing for cost of living adjustments (COLA). Separately, Lamont is proposing a modernization of the sales tax base by including digital consumer oriented services such as downloading and streaming and eliminating exemptions on goods and services that are historically inequitable.

  • 2/16/2019 Governor Lamont Op-Ed: A Path Forward on Tolling

    Today, a newspaper published an op-ed from Governor Ned Lamont regarding his proposals for modernizing Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure.

  • 2/14/2019 Governor Lamont to Small Businesses and CEOs: “Connecticut State Government Wants to Be Your Partner, Not Your Roadblock”

    Governor Ned Lamont today announced two proposals that will cut down on paperwork and fees for businesses across state. One proposal will eliminate a $250 biennial fee businesses are required to pay, along with certain filing requirements. The other proposal begins the process of digitizing services between agencies and residents. Both initiatives are designed to help make it easier for businesses to focus on development and innovation and alleviate administrative burdens.

  • 2/13/2019 Governor Lamont: “Working Families Are Central to Connecticut’s Economic Success and Future Growth”

    Governor Ned Lamont today announced a series of legislative proposals designed to help Connecticut’s working families, including a phased in minimum wage increase, paid family and medical leave (PFML), and a restoration of a $200 property tax credit that is currently only applicable to seniors and those with dependents. Both minimum wage increase and the PFML proposals echo existing bills recently proposed by legislators. Governor Lamont intends to work collaboratively with the business community, stakeholders and the legislature to determine the best path forward for the state.

  • 2/12/2019 Gov. Lamont: “We Cannot Put Connecticut’s Future on the Credit Card”

    This morning in a room filled with business leaders at a meeting of the Waterbury Regional Chamber, Governor Ned Lamont announced a proposal to shrink the state’s borrowing by 39 percent, the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Referring to it as a self-imposed “Debt Diet” the Governor is seeking to reduce long-term debt service payments and potentially save the state as much as $2 billion over the next decade.

  • 2/11/2019 Gov. Lamont Issues Open Letter to All Connecticut Residents

    Governor Ned Lamont today issued the following open letter to all Connecticut residents.

  • 2/11/2019 Gov. Lamont Announces Proposals to Make Government Smarter, More Responsive to Residents, and More Engaged With the Private Sector

    Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he will be submitting a series of legislative proposals aimed at making state government smarter, more responsive to the needs of residents, and more engaged with the private sector. The proposals, which will be included in the series of bills the governor is planning to submit to the legislature by February 20, are the result of conversations Governor Lamont has had with Connecticut residents as he campaigned for office over the past 18 months.

  • 2/8/2019 Gov. Lamont: Flags Lowered to Half-Staff in Honor of Former Congressman John Dingell

    Governor Ned Lamont today announced that – in accordance with a presidential proclamation directing flags to be lowered throughout the country in honor of former U.S. Representative John David Dingell, Jr. of Michigan, the longest-serving member of Congress in our nation’s history – U.S. and state flags in Connecticut will fly at half-staff beginning immediately until sunset on Saturday, February 9, 2019. Accordingly, since no flag should fly higher than the U.S. flag, all other flags, including state, municipal, corporate, or otherwise, should also be lowered during this same duration of time.

  • 2/5/2019 Gov. Lamont Statement on Tonight’s State of the Union Address

    Governor Ned Lamont released the following statement regarding tonight’s State of the Union address.