Requests for Information/Proposals/Bids

1. Professional Auditor and Accounting Services For The Special Transportation Fund And The State’s Revolving Fund, including both the Clean Water Fund and the Drinking Water Fund - Deadline: Friday, January 8, 2021, 3:00 p.m.

Introduction and Purpose of the RFP

The Office of the Treasurer of the State of Connecticut, acting through its Treasurer (hereinafter “State” or “Treasurer”), requests proposals from qualified firms (each a “Respondent”) interested in providing professional auditor and accounting services to the:

  • Special Transportation Fund (the “STF”);
  • State’s Revolving Fund, including both:
    • Clean Water Fund (the “CWF”) or Water Pollution Control Federal Revolving Loan Account;
    • Drinking Water Fund (the “DWF”) or Drinking Water Federal Revolving Loan Account

The State intends to use this RFP process to select firms that will be appointed by the Treasurer to serve each of these two programs.  Firms may submit proposals to serve as auditor for either or both of the Special Transportation Fund or the State Revolving Funds (both the CWF and DWF) for a three-year term with a possible one-year extension.  Firms submitting proposals for more than one program must submit separate fee proposals for each program.  Auditors selected pursuant to this RFP process will supersede all previous auditor appointments made by the State Treasurer for the programs.


Proposals are due by 3 p.m. on Friday, January 8, 2021. Questions regarding this RFP are due by Wednesday, December 2, 2020, with responses, if any, to individual questions being posted by Friday, December 11, 2020. The State reserves the right to request additional information from firms responding to the RFP and to request certain firms responding to this RFP to make oral presentations.  Any such interviews are tentatively scheduled for the first week of February 2021. Firms requested to make oral presentations will be notified the week prior.


Questions regarding this RFP should be directed to the Official Agency Contact for this RFP:


Peter B. McAlpine, Principal Debt Management Specialist

165 Capitol Avenue, 2nd Floor, Hartford CT 06106


E-mail for the RFP should be sent to

Please indicate “Proposal for Professional Auditor and Accounting Services” in the subject line of your e-mail.”


Questions concerning Attachments A to M ONLY should be directed to Barbara Housen, Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel:


E-mail to

Please indicate “Proposal for Professional Auditor and Accounting Services” in the subject line of your e-mail.”

All other communications regarding this RFP except as specifically permitted herein are strictly prohibited and may result in disqualification of your firm.  As of the date of this RFP, interested firms should not contact any other employees of the State of Connecticut concerning this RFP.