Requests for Information/Proposals/Bids

1.  Investment Management Services Domestic Equity Fund U.S. Small Capitalization Equity


Introduction and Purpose of the RFP


The State of Connecticut, acting through its Treasurer requests proposals from qualified firms interested in providing investment  management services for the Domestic Equity Fund (“DEF”). The State intends to use this RFP process to select a pool of respondents that may be appointed by the Treasurer to supervise and direct the investment of a U.S. Small Capitalization Equity separately managed account.

The Treasurer, elected quadrennially, serves as the principal fiduciary of the $40 billion Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds (the “CRPTF”) which is comprised of 6 retirement plans and 9 trust funds. An independent Investment Advisory Council (“IAC”), appointed pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §3-13b, is charged with advising the Treasurer on matters pertaining to the investment of the CRPTF’s assets, and the Chief Investment Officer of the Office of the Treasurer oversees the day-to-day operations. The Investment Policy Statement ("IPS") for the CRPTF, located at can be referenced for additional information on the CRPTF, IAC and the DEF.

As more fully described in Sections II - IX, respondents, who would like to provide investment services for any of the Funds, may submit proposals in order to be considered through this RFP process. The State expects to select respondents to provide U.S. Small Capitalization Equity investment management services for a 6-year period. The selected respondents will be expected to execute an investment management agreement with the Treasurer, as detailed in Exhibit 1.


All responses must be submitted by February 19, 2021, via email to the attention of Paul Osinloye, Principal Investment Officer at


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2. Legal Counsel Services


Introduction and Purpose of the RFP


The State, acting through the Treasurer pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section Sec. 3-11a, hereby requests statements of qualifications and proposals from qualified firms, legal or compliance consultants, or individual attorneys (each, a “Respondent”) interested in providing one or more of the legal services set forth below in connection with the Treasurer’s investment and financial management activities.  Specifically, the Treasurer invites proposals for the following legal services (each, “Legal Counsel Services”):

A.  Asset Recovery Counsel, including:

  • General Litigation Counsel
  • Class Action Litigation Counsel
  • Non-U.S. Litigation Counsel
  • Litigation Funding
  • Class and Group Action Monitoring Services

B.  Corporate Governance Counsel

C.  Fiduciary and Ethics Counsel

D.  Tax Counsel

E.   Bankruptcy Counsel

F.   Compliance Counsel

G.  Insurance Counsel

H.  Cyber-Security Counsel

Respondents interested in providing these Legal Counsel Services may submit statements of qualifications relating to one or any combination of the specific services in order to be considered through this RFP process. The State expects to contract with Respondents as Legal Counsel for up to a five-year period. The selected Respondents shall execute a professional services agreement with the Treasurer and Office of the Attorney General in accordance with the State’s contracting practices.


All responses must be submitted by May 7, 2021, via email to the attention of John Flores, General Counsel at


Questions and Answers - 04/23/21