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Investment Advisory Council Membership

By state law, members of the Investment Advisory Council include the State Treasurer and Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management (ex-officio members), five public members appointed by the Governor and legislative leadership, all of whom shall be experienced in matters relating to investments, three representatives of the teachers' unions and two representing the state employees' unions. The Chairperson is appointed by the Governor.

Chair - D. Ellen Shuman
Representative, State Governor Investment Professional
Steven Muench
Representative, State Teachers' Unions; Connecticut Education Association
Melissa McCaw
Secretary, Office of Policy and Management
William Murray
Representative, State Teachers' Unions; National Education Association, Danbury
Myra R. Drucker
Representative, State House Majority Leader
Honorable Shawn T. Wooden
State Treasurer
Michael Knight
Representative, State House Minority Leader Accountant, Fairfield
Patrick Sampson
Representative, State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition; AFSCME, Council 4
Michael LeClair
Representative, State Senate Minority Leader
Senior Vice President/Investments, Stifel, Hamden