RFP# OPM-BUD-05082020 “Analysis of an Employer Payroll Tax”

Release Date: 05/08/2020

Proposals Due: 6/16/2020, 3:00PM EDT

RFP Summary: The State of Connecticut, Office of Policy and Management (hereinafter State) is seeking a proposer to assist OPM in evaluating the implementation of an employer payroll tax. These services are authorized in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes §§ 4-8, 4-65a, 4-66, and Sec. 385 of Connecticut Public Act 19-117

Official Agency Contact regarding this RFP: Ebony Hargrove, Ebony.Hargrove@ct.gov or at 860-418-6255.

The complete RFP can be viewed by CLICKING THIS LINK, or by pasting the following into your internet browser: https://biznet.ct.gov/SCP_Search/BidDetail.aspx?CID=53104


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