RFP# OPM_SEC_10302019

Identification & Recommendation of Efficiency Improvements in Connecticut State Government

Released: 10/30/19

Proposals Due: 12/20/19, 3:00 PM EST

RFP Summary:

The State of Connecticut faces future year structural budget deficits and therefore must identify cost savings and efficiency opportunities. In addition, the State of Connecticut estimates a potential 25% loss of state personnel (more than 10,000 employees) due to eligible retirements in 2022. The goal is to turn some portion of the planned loss of employees into an opportunity to create a more efficient government as it relates to all aspects of the operations of State government. The selected consultant shall identify and recommend efficiencies both in revenue maximization as well as cost savings by state agency; and develop and implement plans including but not limited to the evaluation and restructuring of state agencies in order to streamline processes and improve services.

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