Domain Name Registration and Usage

Version: 1.00
Date Issued (revised): March 30, 1999
Date Effective: immediately
Supersedes: no existing version

Document includes:

Policy Statements
Planning and Reporting


The Chief Information Officer and the Department of Information Technology have established this policy and reporting requirements, and associated standards to ensure uniformity in access to State agency resources available on the World Wide Web by promoting a common URL address format for agency domain names.

The use of a common format for domain names will:

  1. facilitate locating State of Connecticut agency web based resources;
  2. reduce the overhead in managing domain names and URL assignments for State agency web sites; and
  3. ensure that public users and State employees can easily recognize when they are on official State of Connecticut web sites.

This policy is based on the content of  RFC 1480 -- The U.S. Domain.

Policy Statements

  1. Agencies will only obtain domain names for official web sites through DOIT.
  2. DOIT will assign a domain name to an agency using the following format:
    where acronym is the agency's nominal abbreviation or acronym, or a program abbreviation or acronym.
  3. Domain names ending in .org, .com or .net will not be assigned by DOIT or registered by an agency without the prior express written permission of the Chief Information Officer.
  4. Agency Planning and Reporting Responsibilities


    Agencies who wish to register a domain name should contact:


    1. This policy applies to all new domain name registrations.
    2. Agency web sites are to be hosted at DOIT  (see policy on Implementation and Deployment of State Agency Internet and Extranet Sites)

    Certification: N/A


    This policy applies to the following entities: any State of Connecticut agency, institution, office, department, commission, council or instrumentality that utilizes Internet web sites or web pages in the conduct of its business.

    This policy applies to any official State of Connecticut website and its associated pages are developed by, or for, a State Agency.


    State Agency:
    see scope above