South Park Inn

Since 1984 South Park Inn has served and sheltered the needs of Hartford's homeless and the homeless in much of Hartford County. The South Park Inn is the only homeless shelter in Hartford that serves men, women and children in one facility. We have proudly served over 55,000 people since the shelter was established. The South Park Inn is housed in the old South Park Inn Methodist Church that was founded In 1872 across from the South Green in Hartford. During the early 1980's the country was in need of more shelters and the South Park Inn was created to meet the needs of those that found themselves homeless. The shelter is a 24 hour facility that is home for 118 people that are working hard to eliminate the reasons that brought them into homelessness. Many nonprofit organizations are created to meet the needs of the people they serve and are housed in facilities that were initially meant for other purposes. The South Park Inn is no exception since it was a Church that added on a social center and Sunday school class rooms in 1957 which now has become the dorms for those that we serve. In 1989 the sanctuary of the Church was renovated and turned into a transitional program for 33 men that allowed them to stay up to two years to work on long term issues and better their building in the late 1980's.

The shelter is utilized 24 hours a day and had a working boiler system that became obsolete. Thanks to State bonding the shelter was able to install a new high efficiency boiler system that is going to have serious savings for the nonprofit. The system required two instead of the four inefficient boilers that were over 20 years old. The cost savings to the South Park Inn at a time of uncertainty over funding has been a welcomed relief. Thanks to state bonding the homeless will have a safe and warm place to call home.