Local Justice Assistance Grant (JAG-Local) Grant Program

Eligibility and Application Information

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Future Funding for Local Governments

The federal program requires OPM, as the SAA, to engage in a strategic planning process to guide the expenditure of JAG funds.  As part of the annual federal grant application process, the SAA must submit a cohesive plan describing priorities, strategies and timeline for the allocating the local-level (LVPT and LT10K) JAG funds as well as the state agency funding.  Future funding will be distributed based on the priorities and issues identified in the FY2017 JAG Plan.


Application information

A link to the application for the current program, will be posted here.  That webpage will contain all guidance and application documents required to be submitted in order to receive the amount determined in the allocation table.  A link to the allocation table can be found under the Projects and Examples menu.