Parole Revocation Unit
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Pursuant to P.A. 19-59, the Division of Public Defender Services new Parole Revocation Unit (PRU) is providing representation for individuals in parole revocation proceedings.  PRU attorneys are primarily responsible for appearing before the Board of Pardons and Paroles (BOPP) on behalf their clients. Public Defender field offices will provide information and support and may be asked to participate in the revocation proceedings when appropriate.  

PRU may be contacted at:  Parole Revocation Unit
                                                Office of the Public Defender
                                                55 West Main St., Suite 430
                                                Waterbury, CT 06702
                                                Phone: (203) 596-4370
                                                Fax: (203) 574-0038

Forms can be found here

Parole Revocation Procedures and Policy

Parole Revocation Information Sheet