Distinguished Managerial Service Award Honor Roll

Year Honoree                                                                       

Johnie H. Foxworth, Department of Motor Vehicles       
Henry C. Lee, Department of Public Safety    
Robert F. Moore, Department of Environmental Protection

 1983 Hugo F. Thomas, Department of Environment Protection
Dolores M. Woodward, Department of Children and Youth Services

Kevin Mahoney, Department of Aging
William Miller, Department of Environmental Protection
Carl Robinson, Department of Correction (posthumously)

 1985 Robert J. Barrington, Department of Administrative Services
Anthony A. Dinallo, Department of Human Resources
Agnes L. Kerr, Office of the Secretary of State
Christopher S. Wood, Connecticut Siting Council
 1986 Bruce W. Davey, Department of Administrative Services
Richard M. Steinert, Department of Correction
Betthy J. Sternberg, Department of Education
 1987 Elizabeth M. Burns, Department of Health Services
James J. McKinnon, Jr., Department of Veterans' Affairs
John Richmond, Office of the Treasurer
 1988 Jo-Ann Diglio, Department of Human Resources
Pascal Forgione, Jr., Department of Education
James J. Rice, Department of Transportation
 1989 Sarah Miller, Department of Income Maintenance
Jessica Wolf, Department of Mental Health
 1990 Edward Arrington, Department of Correction
Joseph Wankerl, Department of Motor Vehicles
 1991 Russell Doeg, Department of Public Works
Robert Miller, Community College System
 1992 Leslie T. Burkhart, Department of Human Resources
Robert C. Focht, Department of Banking
Donald Kruk, Department of Correction
 1993 Francisco de Jesus, Department of Housing
Garrell Mullaney, Department of Mental Health
John X. Dumin, Department of Revenue Services (posthumously)
 1994 Lynn Aronson, Department of Mental Health
Richard Piotrowski, Department of Public Works
 1995 Richard Cosgrove, Jr., Department of Administrative Services
Benjamin Zivyon, Office of the Attorney General
 1996 Lawrence J. Forbes, Department of Transportation
Barbara Tanuis, Department of Motor Vehicles
 1997 Hugo Adams, Department of Veterans' Affairs
Charles Callegari, Department of Social Services (posthumously)
Dr. Joseph Zimmerman, Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Gail Bakulski, Department of Children and Families
Dr. Matthew Snow, Department of Veterans' Affairs
 1998 Lieutenant Joseph N. Carlone, Department of Correction
David L. Guay, Office of the Secretary of State
William P. Ward, Department of Consumer Protection