Distinguished Managerial Service Award

Recipients for 2006

Linda Goodman

Department or Mental Retardation

Ms. Goodman has been employed by DMR since 1972, directing Early Intervention, Strategic Planning, Program Development and Education Services. In 1996, she led the smooth transition of Birth to Three from the Department of Education to the Department of Mental Retardation. Linda has provided significant public service to families of infants and toddlers.  She has led the development of a Birth to Three System that assures the timely delivery of services, is responsive to family needs and has a strong quality improvement component that ensures providers continuously improve services.  Ms. Goodman served on the Board of the National Infant & Toddler Coordinators Association for six years and was President of the Association in 2002.  She is a member of the Advisory Board of the National Center for Special Education.

Kevin Loveland

Department of Social Services

In a career that began in 1974 as an investigator and then supervisor where he directly provided public assistance benefits to needy individuals and families, Mr. Loveland has served the Department of Social Services (DSS) with distinction. Promoted to regional manager in 1981, Mr. Loveland administered the DSS public assistance programs, with special emphasis on those involving cash, medical and food stamp benefits for clients in towns served by the Hartford regional office. In 1984, he was promoted to a managerial position in DSS central office, working on behalf of all public assistance applicants and recipients throughout the state. Kevin's current title as Director of the Bureau of Assistance Programs sheds only a small light on all he does and has done for years in his diverse roles as chief policy architect and benefits administrator, responsible for the well-being of over 450,000 Connecticut residents.

Robert Spector

Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Mr. Spector is currently the Director of Plant Operations and Fiscal Services at Connecticut Valley Hospital (CVH). This is an enormous job as CVH serves 600 psychiatric, forensic and addictions clients. Over his almost 30 year career, Mr. Spector has worked at Cedarcrest Hospital, Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Central Office, Blue Hills Hospital and Connecticut Valley Hospital. Mr. Spector tirelessly oversaw the massive renovation of the entire CVH campus. He is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and often responds at night and on weekends to assist with problems at the power plant, police emergencies and patient care. Mr. Spector has handled the most difficult and heart-wrenching situations at Connecticut Valley Hospital with compassion and complete effectiveness. He has always gone out of his way to improve the living conditions, recreational services, personal products - and all other services within his purview - that are provided to the clients of CVH. He is a firm and vocal supporter, and volunteers his time at all patient functions and special events.