MAC Presentations


Presented by

Alison Fisher, Program Director, LeanCT, OPM and Chair of the Statewide Process Improvement Steering Committee

Cheryl Malerba, Chief of Staff, DOT and DOT Commissioner’s Representative on the Statewide Process Improvement Steering Committee

Connecticut's Open Data Portal and the Connecticut Data Academy

Presented by

Tyler Kleykamp, Chief Data Officer

May 2017 Guest Presentation

Integrated Rehab

Presented by

Julie Paolino

February 2017 Guest Presentation

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Presented by

Commissioner Sean Connolly

September 2016 Guest Presentation

The "How Do I Save for Retirement" Challenge

Presented by

Robert Rodriguez, Public Affairs Specialist, Social Security Administration

Social Security Savvy

Dr. Thomas Woodruff, Healthcare Policy Benefits and Services, Office of the Comptroller

Retirement Healthcare Benefits

Brenda Halpin, Director of the Retirement Services Division, Office of the State Comptroller

What Folks Need to Know When Getting Ready to Retire

Manager's Sick Leave Bank

Presented by

Dave Lynn

December 2015

Fact Sheet for State of Connecticut Managers Regarding the Managerial Sick Leave Bank

Application for Management Sick Leave Bank Use

Managers Guide (pages 14 and 15 address donation of leave, sick leave bank)