**All 12 DSS Field Offices are now available for pick-up and drop-off of applications/forms; filling out applications/forms on-site; general information; questions & answers; and picking up of EBT cards & income verifications. Lobby hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Drop-boxes are also available.  Please note:  no in-person assistance such as interviewing and eligibility determination available yet, due to pandemic safety guidelines.  Visitors, please wear masks and observe safe social distancing.  For office locations, please visit www.ct.gov/dss/fieldoffices .

 **Response time at our telephone Benefits Center (1-855-6-CONNECT) is currently longer than usual.  Thank you for your patience.

 **24/7 access:  Customers can access benefit and application information, 24/7, at www.connect.ct.gov and www.ct.gov/dss/apply; or 1-855-6-CONNECT. Full information on ways to contact DSS online, by phone, by mail, and at office dropboxes is at www.ct.gov/dss/fieldoffices. Information and updates about child support is available at www.ct.gov/dss/childsupport. Please also visit www.ct.gov/coronavirus for latest State of Connecticut updates; and www.ct.gov/dss/covid for DSS-specific updates. Thank you.


UPM9 - Special Benefits

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  • 9000

    Special Benefits - Introduction

  • 9005

    Special Benefits - Funeral and Burial Expenses

  • 9005_05

    Funeral and Burial Expenses - General Provisions

  • 9005_05P

    Funeral and Burial Expenses - Paying for Funeral and Burial Expenses

  • 9010

    Special Benefits - Out-of-State Transportation

  • 9010_05

    Out-of-State Transportation - General Provisions

  • 9010_05P

    Out-of-State Transportation - Preparing the Authorization Packet

  • 9010_10P

    Out-of-State Transportation - Providing the Benefit

  • 9015

    Special Benefits - Medicare A and B Premiums

  • 9015_05

    Medicare A and B - General Provisions

  • 9015_05P

    Medicare A and B Premiums - Providing the Benefit

  • 9025

    Special Benefits - Property Repairs

  • 9025_05

    Property Repairs - General Provisions

  • 9025_05P

    Property Repairs - Authorizing the Payment

  • 9035

    Special Benefits - Attorneys' Fees in Successful SSI/OASDI Appeals