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Durable Medical Equipment

How To

Your doctor must first decide that you need one or more items of medical equipment and then write a prescription for it.  Your doctor may also recommend that you get the equipment from a particular medical equipment supplier or provider.

How do I find an enrolled medical equipment supplier?

In addition to a doctor’s recommendation, there are several ways you can find an enrolled DME supplier.

1. You may telephone your local drug store or medical equipment supply company and ask if is enrolled in the Medicaid program.

2. You may look in the Yellow Pages of your local telephone book under the following heading:

  • Hospital Equipment and Supplies,
  • Surgical Appliances and
  • Surgical Supplies.

3. You can also call Community Health Network (CHN) at 1-800-859 9889 and ask for a list of enrolled DME suppliers.  

How can I help the medical equipment provider?

You should work closely and directly with your supplier or provider. After your doctor writes the prescription for an item, you must give your provider specific information about how it will be used. For example, if you need a wheelchair or a large device, you must give the measurements of your home to the provider to make sure that the device can fit through stairwells, hallways, doorways and into the room(s) where it will be used.