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**At all DSS Field Officesapplications and drop-boxes are available.  For office locations, please visit www.ct.gov/dss/fieldoffices.


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Contracts - (ECH) CT Energy Assistance


The following is a listing of contracts associated with CT Energy Assistance (CEAP).
11dss4301ai_ech_orig-a3_action for bridgeport development.pdf  
11dss4301ai_a4_ech_action for bridgeport community development.pdf 
14dss4301ai_ech_action fo bridgeport community development.pdf   
14dss4301ai_ a1_ ech_abcd.pdf    
11dss4301ci_ech_orig-a2_bristol community org.pdf  
14dss4301ci_ech_bristol community org.pdf 

14dss4301ci_a1_ech_ bcorg.pdf    
14DSS4301CI_A2_ECH_Bristol Community Organization
14DSS4301CI A3 ECH Bristol Community Organization.pdf

11dss4301ep_ech_orig-a1_community action agency of new haven.pdf 
11dss4301ep_ech_a2 comm. action new haven.pdf 
14dss4301ep_ech_community action agency of new haven.pdf 
14dss4301ep_a1_ech_ community action agency of nh.pdf
11dss4301ew_ech_orig-a1_community renewal team inc.pdf    
11dss4301ew_ech a2 community renewal team.pdf 
14dss4301ew_ech_community renewal team.pdf 
14dss4301ew_ a1_ech community renewal team.pdf       
14DSS4301EW A2 ECH community renewal team.pdf
11dss4301nl_ech_orig-a2_human resources agency of new britain inc.pdf   
14dss4301nl_ech_human resources agency of new britain.pdf   
14dss4301nl_a1_ech_human resource agency of new britain.pdf  
14DSS4301NL_A3_ECH_Human Resources Agency of New Britain, Inc.pdf

11dss4301to_ech-orig-a1_new opportunities inc.pdf   
11dss4301to_ech a2 new opportunities.pdf 
14dss4301to_ech_new opportunities.pdf 
14dss4301to_a1_ech_new opportunities.pdf    
11dss4301ub_ech_orig-a2_norwalk economic opportunity now inc.pdf  
11dss4301zg_ech_a2 team.pdf 
14dss4301zg_ a1_ech_ team.pdf  
11dss4301zk_ech_orig-a1_thames valley council for community action inc.pdf   
11dss4301zk_ech_a2 thames valley.pdf 
14dss4301zk_ech_thames valley council for community action.pdf  
11dss4301zl_ech_orig-a1_the access agency inc.pdf    
11dss4301zl_ech_a2 the access.pdf 
14dss4301zl_ech_the access agency.pdf  
14dss4301zl_ a1_ech_ access.pdf 
14dss4301zl_a2_ech_access ageny.pdf   
11dss4301zo_ech_orig-a1_the community action committee of danbury.pdf  
11dss4301zo_ech_a2 comm. action of danbury.pdf
14dss4301zo_ech_the community action agency western .pdf  
14dss4301zo_ a1_ech_caaofwc.pdf