Americans With Disability Act - ADA


Applicants/recipients or persons legally authorized to act on their behalf, with disabilities may request a reasonable accommodation in order to access programs and services. This request does not have to be in writing, but may be a verbal request to the caseworker. Such accommodations may include but are not limited to: documents provided in alternative formats such as Braille, tape or large print, the use of TTY or TDD services for communication, exploring alternatives to the traditional interviewing format if the applicant/recipient ‘s disability precludes an office visit, or other accommodations which may be deemed necessary and reasonable in order to facilitate access to services and programs.

Case-workers should be alert to situations where it appears that applicants/recipients may be having difficulty with a certain requirement,e.g., obtaining verification, completing an application, attending appointments, understanding instructions. The case-worker will inform the applicant/recipient of the ADA policy and the obligation of DSS to accommodate an individual's disability. If the applicant/recipient communicates to the case-worker that he or she may have a disability, the individual may be requesting an accommodation and it should be treated as a request.

The Department will provide these accommodations at no cost to the applicant/recipient for services or persons legally authorized to act on their behalf. Appropriate reasonable accommodations shall be determined through an interactive process which includes the individual with the disability and an Affirmative Action Administrator.

I have designated the Affirmative Action Division to coordinate the Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. The Affirmative Action staff is available to counsel the Department's applicant’s/recipients and the persons legally authorized to act on their behalf regarding disability rights issues and to receive complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of disability under the ADA Applicant/ Recipient Procedure.