Lead Public Health Event Tips and Observations
Open House Format
  • Plan with a focus on the role of public health-not health care.  Concentrate on your organization’s community presence and involvement.
  • Targeted your event to your community
  • Foster a dialog.   Encourage active participation, movement, different faces, and spontaneous interaction.
  • Spread out. Find ways to make best use of your space and to prevent overcrowding.
    Consider using clearly marked stations identified with posters – (Community, Environmental and Preparedness.)
  • Invite volunteers and internes to work on the event.
  • Reach out to different segments of the community.
  • Above all else make the event fun!
Key Presentation and Activity Elements 
  • Introduction by dignitary
  • Explain the 10 essential services of public health, and the tie-in with the Lead Public Health initiative. Include interesting and relevant examples.
  • Explain the layout.  Entice the crowd to stay and participate with a door prizes and contests.
  • Staff should serve  as guides, distribute surveys, man stations and answer questions about roles and activities
  • Consider providing healthy snacks and provide an atmosphere for attendees to interact with each other.
  • Create a fun carnival atmosphere
  • Measure outcomes with a survey including:
    • Surprise over the  variety of areas a public health department touches
    • New knowledge learned by audience
    • Increased understanding of the public health role
    • Appreciation of how tax dollars are spent
  • Use door prize entries to collect names and contact information for future contact and possible involvement with your health department.
  • Increased visibility in the community and reinforced call to “get the word out” about public health.
  • Empowered, invigorated and motivated staff who witness first-hand interest and appreciation of their work in the community.