COVID-19-Prepare to administer the vaccine

The information on this webpage is intended for COVID-19 Vaccine Providers

Step Six – Prepare to administer the vaccine (clinical resources and guidance documents)

This page contains important clinical information and resources for vaccinators, as well as information specific to the COVID-19 vaccines currently available. We will continue to add information to this webpage.

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinical Resources (Center for Disease Control and Prevention-CDC)

COVID-19 Vaccine Transfer Form (DPH) Please complete and email this form back to DPH whenever transferring COVID -19 vaccines between CoVP enrolled providers.  

Ordering vaccines (Updated 2/1/2021) Requests for doses should be submitted through our ordering portal by noon on Tuesdays

Report vaccine temperature excursions and vaccines wasted to the Helpdesk by following the prompts and submitting a ticket.

  • Immediately report all temperature excursions in storage units containing COVID-19 vaccines. Staff will be notified in real time of the excursion and will assist you. Please store vaccines in the storage unit in a paper bag marked "do not use" until a determination about the viability of the vaccine has been made, in consultation with the manufacturer and the Immunization Program.
  • Also report to the Helpdesk all COVID-19 vaccines deemed wasted, including for Pfizer vials, if a sixth dose cannot be extracted from a vial.

CoVP Weekly Update-First and Second Dose Inventory Management Training (14 minute video)

List your clinic on the CT Vaccine Portal

It is important to register your clinic information on the CT Vaccine Portal so that eligible people can find your clinic. To list a new location, complete the form at For questions, email or call 860-571-6059.  If you need to make a change (different hours, no longer operating, schedule), complete the update form at:

Scheduling Assistance Available through Appointment Plus

The CT COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Assist Line (VAAL) is partnering with health providers to schedule patients for vaccine appointments. Learn more at

Policy and current phase resources

Resources for administering the COVID-19 Vaccine
Janssen Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Vaccine

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Partner Websites

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