Connecticut Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics, 2010
This profile provides population figures from April 1, 2010 by state, county and town with breakdowns by age, sex, race, Hispanic ethnicity, type of living quarters, and type of household.  Numbers of housing units by type are also provided.  The data presented in this file are a subset of the Connecticut Demographic Profile distributed by the US Census1.  
Technical aspects:
More information about the data classifications is available through a color-coded outline of the demographic data tables (see table outline link above). This outline clarifies the tables that can be derived from the Census Demographic Profile data2 and was created to make it easier to correctly identify and access the specific information you are interested in.  The colors correspond to the column headings in the Connecticut data file.  Indentations in the outline show the hierarchical relationships found in these data.  Each row in the outline corresponds to a labeled column in the Connecticut data file.  Rows 1-4 of the data file have labels you can use to identify the table and the respective rows within each table.  A second worksheet within this Excel data file includes instructions for users who may need help in changing the format of the data so that demographic subgroups arrayed as columns can be displayed as rows.


The US Census Bureau prepared a complete profile of demographic indicators from the 2010 Census. As a complete file, accessing state data tables is rather complicated.  To simplify users’ access to these data, the Missouri Census Data Center prepared an online system which links the data to the data labels.  We are grateful to the Missouri Census Data Center for their efforts.
Production Details:
The Connecticut profile published on this page was obtained from the Missouri site using a prepared data file “ctprofileplus.sas7bdat”.
  • This is an enhanced version of the data contained in the Census file.
  • Variable names are mnemonic, for example they use “ TotPop” instead of “dpsf1i1”.
  • Most count variables have corresponding derived percentage variables.  For example the count of persons 0 to 4 years old, “Pop0_4” is accompanied by the corresponding percentage, “Pct_Pop0_4 “.
The Census data file was downloaded and converted to Excel.  The modified Connecticut profile posted to the DPH web site was edited and formatted by Connecticut Department of Public Health staff.
  • A few columns/variables were removed from the original file.   These variables provided technical details that are not directly relevant to public health analyses and basic demographic descriptions of CT communities.
  • Rows including state, county, and town-level population data were retained.  Other geographic areas included in the original Census file were removed, but are available on request.  These include areas defined as incorporated or unincorporated places, Native American reservations, and state and federal legislative districts.