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2006 Connecticut Adult Tobacco Survey (10.0 MB pdf)

In 2006, we administered the first Adult Tobacco Survey, which was completed along with the Behavioral Risk Factor Survey to Connecticut residents over 18 years old.


The Connecticut School Health Survey includes the Youth Tobacco Component and a Youth Behavior Component. Beginning in 2005, they are both administered on a biannual basis in the odd years to middle and high school students in Connecticut.

CT Youth Risk Behavior Survey/CT School Health Survey

CDC Adolescent and School Health Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBS)

Fact Sheets

*Trends in Youth Smoking in Connecticut (2016 pdf)

*Youth Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Connecticut (2016 pdf) 

*Trends in Youth Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Connecticut (2016 pdf)

Other Fact Sheets

Secondhand Smoke Exposure- Connecticut (9/2014 pdf)

The Burden of Tobacco Use in Connecticut (2014 pdf)

Pregnancy and Smoking (2014) 1.09 MB pdf)

* Denotes most recent data reported


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