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Thinking about Quitting?

Here are some reasons:

  • You deserve to be free from tobacco!
  • Save money for something else- like a family vacation or a new car.
  • Enjoy a longer healthier life with family and friends.

Over 3 million Americans quit smoking every year, and you can do it, too!

It is never too late to stop, and when you do stop, your body begins to repair itself immediately.
There will be many healthy changes, some of which will continue to improve over several years.
It may take several attempts before quitting successfully but some people are successful right away.

Ready to Quit?

For Free Help or Information to Quit:

The Become an EX online program is also available to help you re-learn life without cigarettes or vapes. 

More information:

Fact Sheet: Cessation

Face-to-face "in person" programs are available: Local Community Cessation Directory

Smartphone apps and more information are available at

Youth cessation information

Cessation Resources - Military Personnel

Cessation Resources - Military Family-Friend

You Can Quit Smoking

Here are some materials to help you succeed.

Cigarette Cost Calculator - to see how much money you can save by quitting.

Preparing to Quit

Tips to Quit Smoking

Frequently Asked Questions about Quitting

Tobacco Tracker

Current Treatment Options

Tobacco Control Program 


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