Public Act 16-66, An Act Concerning Various Revisions to the Public Health Statutes, Section 51 establishes, within available appropriations, a Diabetes Advisory Council within the Department of Public Health (DPH). The council must (1) analyze the current state of diabetes prevention, control, and treatment in Connecticut and (2) advise DPH on methods to achieve the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's goal in granting funds to the state for diabetes prevention. It consists of state officials and appointees.
The bill requires the council to make recommendations to enhance and support diabetes prevention, control and treatment programs. To do this, the council must review the following:
  1. Strategies to identify and enroll individuals at risk of diabetes in prevention programs;
  2. Strategies to identify and refer individuals with diabetes for enrollment in formal education classes and management programs;
  3. The status of health care organizations reporting on clinical quality measures related to diabetes control;
  4. Existing state programs that address prevention, control, and treatment; and
  5. Evidence that supports the need for such programs.
Additionally, the bill permits the council to study the (1) effectiveness of existing state diabetes programs; (2) financial impact of diabetes on the state, including disease prevalence and the cost for administering related programs; and (3) coordination of state agency programs and other efforts to prevent, control, and treat diabetes.
The council may also develop an action plan with steps to reduce diabetes impact on the state, including expected outcomes for each step toward prevention, control, and treatment.
Lastly, the bill requires the council, by January 1, 2017, to submit a progress report on its findings and recommendations to the Public Health Committee. It must then report final findings and recommendations to the committee by May 1, 2017. The council terminates on the date it submits the final report or January 1, 2018, whichever is later.
The Diabetes Advisory Council's Final Report was submitted to the Public Health Committee on May 15, 2017.

In November 2018, the Diabetes Partnership released a report summarizing the status of the Diabetes Advisory Council's recommendations. 

Meeting Schedule

All meetings will be held from 2-3:30pm.

Meeting Resources
August 18, 2016
September 29, 2016
   Legislative Office Building (300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford)
   Hearing Room 1D
October 20, 2016
   Legislative Office Building (300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford)
   Hearing Room 1A
November 15, 2016
   Legislative Office Building (300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford)
   Hearing Room 1A
December 8, 2016
   Legislative Office Building (300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford)
   Hearing Room 1A
January 24, 2017
  Katherine A. Kelley State Public Health Laboratory (395 West Street, Rocky Hill)
  For information on how to submit public comment, please contact Cindy Kozak at 860-509-7737.
February 14, 2017
 At the Department of Public Health and conference call line
March 14, 2017
  **Rescheduled to March 28, 2017 at 9am via conference call (866-770-6215; access code is
April 11, 2017
  Legislative Office Building (300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford)
  Hearing Room 1A
Workgroup Conference Calls and Resources

The call-in number for all workgroup calls is 866-770-6215.  The access code is 13730924.

Contact Information
Department of Public Health Contact Information:
Cindy Kozak, RD, MPH, CDE
Connecticut Department of Public Health
Diabetes Prevention and Control Program
410 Capitol Avenue, MS 11CHLS
Hartford, CT 06134
Phone 860-509-7737

Chairperson Contact Information:
Subira Gordon, M.P.P
Executive Director
Commission on Equity and Opportunity
18-20 Trinity St Room 202
Hartford, CT 06106-1591
Phone: 860-240-0251