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Community Health Center Overview

          What is a Community Health Center?

Services provided by Community Health Centers

Who receives health care services at Community Health Centers?

History of Connecticut Community Health Centers

Understanding Federally Qualified Health Centers

Uniform Data System (UDS)

Community Health Center Requirements

Community Health Center Expectations

Community Health Center Week


Community Health Center Programs and Services

          Required Primary Health Services

Specialty Services

After-Hour Coverage and Hospitalization

Pharmacy Services and Discount Programs

Health Disparities Collaboratives

Health Care for the Homeless Programs



Total CHC Patients by Year

Total CHC Patient Visits by Year

Number of Services Delivered by Year

Patients by Age

Patients by Race/Ethnicity

Patients by Income Level

Use of Federal Poverty Level Guidelines

Patients by Insurance Status

Patients by Primary Reason for Visit other than Illness or Injury

Patients by Issues of Public Health Concern

Uninsured Visits and Costs

Health Center Revenues by Source

Fact Sheet about Connecticut Community Health Centers

Trends Over Time: 2004 – 2006; Patients by Age

Trends Over Time: 2004 – 2006; Patients by Race

Trends Over Time: 2004 – 2006; Patients by Insurance

Trends Over Time: 2004 – 2006; Patients by Poverty Level


Health Professional Shortage Areas

What is a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) or Medically Underserved Area (MUA)?

Health Professional Shortage Areas in CT

Medically Underserved Area or Populations in CT


CHC Directory by Town & Contact Information

            CHC Contact Information

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Working For a CHC

          Mission Driven Environment

Commitment to Clinical Quality

Support Network

Growing Need for CHC Professionals

Potential Scholarship and/or Loan Repayment Funds

Professional Medical Malpractice Cost Covered

J-1 Visa Waiver Program



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