Program Descriptions

The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention/Young Parents Programs (APP/YPP) focus primarily upon adolescents who are pregnant or parenting. Through grants to community-based providers, and services such as case management, pregnant and parenting teens are linked with appropriate health, educational, employment, and social services.

Counseling and peer mentoring services provide support for teens who are confronting psychosocial and other obstacles in their progress through pregnancy and/or parenting. Educational services, provided within a peer support group context, impart essential information about health issues, parenting skills, and other information deemed critical for pregnant and parenting teens.

Program sites exist in 13 towns: Bridgeport, Bristol, Meriden, Middletown, Milford, New Britain, New Haven, New London, the Northeast, Stamford, Waterbury, and Willimantic. These programs are very accessible to the youths they serve. Most provide home visits, an important form of outreach for teens. Programs actively involve young fathers to strengthen their ability to support and nurture their children.

Frequently Asked Questions

    * Where can these programs be found?

    Directory, including addresses and phone numbers can be found at the "APP/YPP Sites" Link.

    * How can teens be eligible for services from these programs?

    Though programs differ in their eligibility criteria, most accept pregnant or parenting teens who live in the town where the program is located or in surrounding towns. A phone call to the program will provide you with this information.

    * What kinds of services do the APP/YPP programs provide?

    While some services differ by site in order to be responsive to local community needs, most programs offer services that identify teens' needs for linkages to health, mental health, educational, financial, legal, social and other community services. Most programs offer groups where pregnant and parenting teens can learn valuable health and other information with a supportive peer group setting. Programs in some communities offer services to young fathers, mentoring programs or group prevention services to non-pregnant teens.